Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pictures from Brielle’s surgery

Brielle is doing awesome!! The first day home from the hospital she was in a lot of pain but didn’t want to take any pain medicine..but a cookie bribery helped a littleWinking smile She was very cranky too.and she even knew that..bc she told me its probably a good thing I don’t have to go to school this week bc im a little crabby..ha! So after resting a lot and keeping the leg elevated she is pretty much walking all round today and last night with out any problems or pain.. I have heard “Im bored” so many times in the last few days too..The trick is going to keep her from doing stressful things to her knee over the next six going for bike rides with Grandpa..and jumping on tramp or just running around..Here are some pictures from her surgery…
She thought the light on her finger was pretty cool and wanted a picture of!!
After the surgery…still a little loopy..she thought it was worse then what she thought it was going to be..and she said that the gas that they used to put her to sleep with smelled like a monkeys breath..not sure how she knows what that smells like..or she was still a little loopy when she said that and not sure what she was saying …hmmmm
Just a little crabby at home…
Brielle with her principal..she stopped over to see how she was doing..and to bring her some ballons and a puppy
Tirzah {Brielle’s friend and neighbor} came over to see how Brielle was doing and to play paper dolls with her for awhile..
She walked around on crutches the first day..Brielle with all her goodies….
Her incisions…when she first looked at scared her a little but then I pointed out the pen marks and then it wasn’t as bad…
She wanted us to all sign her ace wrap…


Priscilla said...

Glad to hear Brielle is doing so well! God is so good!

Laura said...

I'm glad to read too that Brielle is doing great! How nice that her principal stopped over!