Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas with the family

So I am really behind on post so bear with me while I try to get some Christmas posts up…. We had our family Christmas with Jareds family the Friday before Christmas this year so here are some pictures from then…
Jayla with her cousin Ember who is only a couple of months younger then her..
Jayla wanted to see what Jianna got and was more interested in watching her open her present..
Jianna trying to put on her mittens that Grandma made for her..All the grandkids got cute little mittens and a balloon ball from Grandpa and Grandma…and us adults got some yummy caramels, peanut brittle and some jerky that will knock your socks of..well maybe just mine bc im kind of a wimp!!! 
Some of the kids..the older ones arent in here and Laini don’t know where shes at either..

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