Friday, January 6, 2012


This post is going to be all over..just to warn uWinking smile It pretty much sums up my week..
We went to Avery GI dr on Monday and all is still good..just keep giving her fruit-eze for constipation issues..and maybe double up on it a week before her surgery so things are flowing good for her..and maybe keep her doubled up on it for awhile so she don’t get constipated with the cast on!!  That is my big worry..her getting so constipated! This is what happens when they make us wait so long in the dr office!!  Im surprised they don’t get us in and out as fast as possible as loud as we are!!!
Avery in the table!!
Yeap you guessed knew that was coming didn’t you..except what u cant see is I had Avery pulling her in and the other baby pulling her out which ended in a screaming fit!!!
Avery being sooo cute and silly!!!:)
Playing ring around the rosies still trying to pass time..
On Tuesday..I find my babies like this!!!
Yeap both in the dryer just giggling away!!!! and a pile of clean clothes in front of the dryer that they so nicely took out for me!!
On Wednesday I got this in the mail….
Don’t know what it is????:) Well it is a GoGo girl…It’s what they call a female funnel. {So when Brielle came home from school she seen it on the counter and asked what's this??? A funnel to frost cupcakes with??? HILARIOUS!!!! I then explained what I was going to use it for and she thought it was pretty ewwww!!! So I tried using it with Avery to get her used to it so she would be a pro at it by the time she had surgery..Well guess who wont use it??!!! Yeap Avery will have tried using it on her and she wouldn’t go and so then I took it off and right away she starts peeing..That girl is soooo stubborn!!!  So now I don’t know what I'm going to do….I suppose I am going to have to get everything under the sun and see which one she will I'm going to have to find a female urinal and a bed toilet {is that what they call them…lol!!!}
These three are no help when it comes to folding clothes..they are masters at playing around me and knocking all my piles over!!
On Thursday I made a few projects..I had to find something to hold my kids bookbags up bc they were just throwing them in the closet and shutting the door! And it was wrecking our door..So I came up with these. I really like them but Jared had to ruin it when he told me where I had to hang them so they would be in a stud..and how he was going to screw them in…urghh!! 
I also had to fix these jars. I had made these apothecary jars before Christmas and had put fake snow and ornaments in them..but they were VERY crooked..I had forgot to put the wooden circle on the bottom of the jars so I picked them up at Hobby Lobby when I was picking up my materials for the book bag hooks. {All materials I got at hobby lobby for both crafts} Now to find something to go into them now..maybe something to do with Valentines Day????!!! 
While I was making these I couldn’t find Jayla for awhile and I realized that so I was yelling her name all over the house and all of a sudden she comes out of my room with this look on her face like she had been caught red handed!!! So I was scared to go into my room and see what she had gotten into but I went in there and didn’t find anything so I was puzzled..Well fast forward to the night when Brielle is asking for vaseline for her lips I go into my bathroom closet to get the vaseline and what do I find????!!!
She had taken all of my tampons out of there wrappers and even took some of my diapers {that’s what they call them} out of there wrappers so I had a nice sticky mess!!!!!!  Her cup was in the closet too so I know she did it!!!!!
All week I have been on a mission to organize and I have got a lot done if I do say so myself..I have gotten our Coat closet, two junk closets by the front door done, all bathrooms done, and the babies room done! We have also switched the toy room and the office around so I have done the toy room too!!  Still have the office to go through..and well the craft room needs serious help!!!  Right now there is a pile of J.U.N.K. in there that I don’t want anymore and it all needs to get cleaned up and organized in the next couple of weeks before my inlaws get here bc that is there bedroom!!  Ill show u a picture but no judgingWinking smile bc it’s a work in process right??!!! At least I have a timeline to get it done by bc it would probably otherwise sit there for awhile!!
Well that pretty much sums up my week!!! Whew…what a week!! How was your guys week???!! Hope it was better then mine!!!Smile {All of these pictures were taken on my phone so the quality might not be that great}

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Laura said...

I think every house should have a room just for all the extra stuff:) Looks like you had a bsuy week!