Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Christmas

We always start our Christmas out with reading about the birth of baby Jesus and afterwards we sing Away in a Manger…Jianna didn’t want to wait she wanted to dig right in to the gifts…she remembered from a few days ago when she was opening her gifts at Janie's.
Avery making sure no one takes her stocking…lol!! We just let them open all there gifts at the same time and mixed in with the gifts are there gifts from all there grandparents..since we live far away they just send them down here and we have like three Christmas’s in one!!
Destiny was al about clothes and shoes and more clothes this year..that is all she really wanted..she is kind of growing out of the toy phase I guess..she was excited to get a nice black coat..what she wanted..
Brielle..Oh Brielle I still get a kick out of her list…she cracks us up a lot of the time…she wanted a pistol and a shot gun..and some cameo clothes and headphones but if she didn’t get the pistol or shot gun then don’t bother with the cameo clothes and headphones..lol!!  I suppose Jared has to have one girl turn into a tomboy right???!!!  She is very much a daddy’s girl and likes to do EVERYTHING with Jared..fishing..hunting..working out in the garage with him…just the other day she was helping him build something and she wanted to work the saw..but we settled on a bb gun for now..but she is a little scared to shoot it now bc she is afraid she is going to shoot something she isnt suppose to..
Avery finally got a new magnadoodle. She wore her other one out..she LOVES this toy..that is a huge understatement too..every house we go to they usually have a magna doodle and Avery has found it and is writing with it..u should of seen the one that I threw away…it is in her hand the majority of the time and she is writing on it…She was soo excited to get a new one!!  Avery is soo easy to shop for bc there are so many good therapy toys that she needs..so I try to take advantage and get her good therapy toys for Christmas and her birthday..she also got some more signing times books and videos..(they had a great 40% off sale) and some curious george stuff she loves that silly monkey!!!
The twins..they were really loving all the unwrapping this year..it is so fun when they get into it..they started opening up everyones..they didn’t care they just wanted to unwrap!!!  They got some clothes, some food, a couple of pillow pets and a big soft kiki for there crib and a baby set with a playpen, high chair, and a new stroller bc im tired of listening to them fight over one stroller!!! But now they fight over the the new stroller so I really cant win!!!!;)  
Opening up my santa shop gifts from the kids..The kids school has a santa shop every year and it really is a neat thing..they get to use there own money that they have saved up and they get to budget what they want to spend on everyone…they like to get everyone in our family a gift..and they take great pride in what they picked out for everyone..they put a lot of thought into them..u can tell..and it saves me from having to take each kids individually to go shopping for everyone..and the gifts are usually $1, $2, or $3 dollare gifts that they spend but I think they have even more expensive gifts too..so this year Avery got to go to santa shop too..and she knew..bc when I opened up the gift she gave me she said Avery….and I said oh is this from you Avery…and she said yeap and was just beaming!!!  So I got a couple of candles from Brielle, a cute cupcake ornament from Avery and a mom plaque from Destiny..the kids got each other different gifts that included…books, pens, diary, horse, ornament,..and Jared pretty much gets a mug everytime..so we have a lot of Christmas mugs at our house..but he drinks a lot of coffee so it’s a fitting gift for him and Avery got him a little flashlight..
Im always the last one to open my gifts too for some reason..so everyone always helps me open mine..;)Jared got me a serger this year and I cant wait to use it!! Do u know how much easier it is going to be for sewing clothes!  Woooohooo!!!  I just need my MIL to come down and show me how to use it now..haha!!  WHich I am in luck they are coming in a couple of weeks so I can have her show me.!!! He also got me a shampooer {mainly for himself..lol!!!} but I went to take it out out of the box and it had been used and it was soo disgusting. There was mold and so much hair and carpet fibers…Yuck! Its suppose to be brand new!!!! I am guessing someone bought it and returned it and never told them that they used it…really people..come on!!! 


Laura said...

What a wonderful Christmas! How fun that Brielle likes all the boy stuff:)

*Katie* said...

you have such beautiful girls!