Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That!!

My babies are eight months already and yes I'm fashionably late at posting this again..but you guys are all getting used to that by now right??:))  The bear pictures are getting really hard to take..both babies are on the move all the time..they are keeping my on my toes. I'm constantly digging stuff out of there mouths..or redirecting there paths..They are pulling themselves up to standing now and it wont be long and I'm going to be chasing them all over when they start walking..oh the joys:))  Both babies now have there first tooth..but thankfully they both did not cut them at the same time..whew!! We made it through one now only if the other twenty or so would be like that..haha!!!! 
DSC_5827 copy

I had a very much needed break with my older girls..We of course went shopping then I surprised them with a pedicure..They thought it was the Best!!   I wish i could of had my camera but of course I didn't..but I got the after shot:)  We really did have a fun Saturday!!  I love me some girl time!!
Fall!!!  Can I say more??  I love Fall it really is the best season I think I like everything about Fall, all the scents, apples, leaves changing, the weather (only we haven't had the weather yet)  I'm really ready for cooler weather!!!!  I cant wait for next weekend we are going up to Sky Top Orchard!!   We really enjoy it every year!!  But we did caramel apples the other day to kind of get in the fall mood;) and it was our first time making the caramel from scratch..all I have to say is it is WAY better then the store bought caramels!!!
DSC_5860 DSC_5868
Avery is doing much better!! She don't have to wear her sling anymore..but I notice her grabbing her arm occasionally so Im assuming it still hurts her now and then..It is amazing how fast kids heal!!!  But she still has the bruise and it will look all knotted for the next couple of months until it heals completely..
DSC_5536 DSC_5539
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!! 


Sarah said...

Rylan gets into everything too, now he's climbing the stairs every chance he gets!! Still no teeth tho, seems like he's taking longer than the other kids, but I can't remember for sure.

Michelle said...

How fun... fall and girls day!!! You can hardly call the twins babies anymore... they are getting so big!!