Sunday, October 11, 2009

Girls Day Out!!

Girls day out!! Yippeee!! I took the easy way out this year for Destiny's bday.(i think i have good reason to:)) I asked her if she would be ok with going to build-a-bear with one friend instead of a bday party and she was all excited about it..So yesterday I went to the mall with Destiny and one of her best friends and Jared got to stay home with the other girls..Our first stop was to eat out of course!! So i let them choose where they wanted to go and what did they chose Chick-fil-A...then our next stop was Build-A-Bear..Wow!! I had never been there before and was it ever neat. I would say if anyone has little girls take them there at least once even if it is for a birthday. They will have sooo much fun!!! First we have to pick out our animal then u stuff it and u get to make a wish on a heart for the bear and put it in the bear before you close it..then there is a station to fluff it and then u can pick out an outfit for your bear/or whatever animal u chose..and it isnt just a few outfits to pick from its walls of outfits that are really stinkin cute!!! You cant forget the shoes or accessories. Then you get to name it and get your certificate with your animals name on it with there bday. It was so much fun and the girls both had a blast!! But our fun didnt stop there..Destiny's friend gave her money for her present and she brought some of her own spending money so they could go shopping so off we went to Claires...what more perfect store for two little girly girls right??:)) They went crazy in that was actually pretty funny just to watch them and of course they had to have there own baskets:)) You have no idea how much stuff went in that basket and back out before they ever agreed on there purchase!! But overall i would say that they managed there money pretty well and were very happy with there purchase..what did they end up with??? Well a diary, a mood ring, best friend rings, and lip gloss..Just to sit back and listen to there conversations was hillarious..hmmm i wonder if i was ever like that:)) I know Im not the only one that got a chuckle out of them in that store..hehe..Then our final stop the cookie store to have a treat and sit down and relax for a little bit.. (nice replacement for cake) Overall it was a huge success!!! It made me very happy that I had girls bc it was pretty fun for me too:))Destiny said that it was the best bday ever and both the girls kept talking about it all the way it saved me from ALOT of work so i dont have to plan a kid bday party and Destiny is very happy so it was a win win situation!! Who knows maybe i might of started a good thing bc know Brielle wants to do the same thing for her bday so it sounds like i will luck out with her too:)) Ooh how nice Im so glad that my girls are easy to please and they are so understanding of my situation right now:))

Picking out there animals- they both chose purple kitties

There kitties in the dressing room getting dressed. They are bride kitties!!

Shopping in Claires

Destiny with her kitty Hannah!!

Eating our yummy cookies!!!

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