Monday, October 5, 2009

24 Week Update

I just wanted to post a quick update from my dr. appointment/ultrasound that i had last Thursday..The babies are are both about 1.5 lbs. and baby A is measuring 23w 5d and baby B is measuring 23w 2d and when i went in i was 24w1d so that is great!!! They are growing great..They look great and they are both still girls:)) I am finally starting to gain some weight so my dr can get of my back a little:P I'm measuring at 30w she said that typically she likes to see twin pregnancy measuring about 6weeks ahead so i was right on the money so she really didn't have anyhting to complain about this week with me..As far as my contractions are going I'm still having them..I am still doing the home monitoring every night and every morning for an hour...I then fax them in my reading from the night before and the morning every morning before noon and then a nurse from the center calls me back within a half hour and lets me know what they are reading and gets my blood pressure and pulse and answers any questions that i have or see if i am having any other symptoms. Its a pretty neat system that they have really..sometimes they read none and then other times they read one or two..lately they have been reading one or two..but my cervix is still closed and long so that is GREAT news!! She gave me a meds too so if i feel like i am having too many contractions then i take some medicine too..I have my good days and my bad..Well that pretty much sums it up..I'm just relaxing and trying to keep these babies in me as long as possible..We were actually watching the news the other night and there was a mom on there that had delivered 5 babies at 5 or 6 months and any whoo they were the same weight as my babies and it was just amazing and sad at the same time..just to see exactly what my babies look like right now but then sad too bc obviously they were all fighting for there lives bc they were so premature..They were just so tiny!
it has been going good with Avery during the day. This might be a very good thing for her bc she is learning to do alot of things on her own and become very independent like climbing in her own chair to eat and learning to help mom out even:)) But we are starting to get into that wander stage which terrifies me..She likes to go next door to our neighbors house and knock on there door..She can get over there pretty quick before her waddling mother comes to get (Good thing we are friends with our neighbors its david and loretta) I'm amazed at how much she has been learning these last couple of months..She loves to play with her dollies so i think she will do good with the new babies.. Well i suppose i need to go fax in my strips from my monitoring so have a good day everyone


Holly said...

Wow sounds like a full time job just being preggors!! Hopefully they stay in for a little longer anyway:) How long do you still have anyway? I mean how long does the dr. think?

Have you tried those doornob safety thing? I have one on my front door so Max doesn't escape;) lol you might try it for Avery so you don't have to waddle too far;)

Debbie said...

Glad everything's still going alright...I agree with Holly-sounds busy!