Saturday, December 20, 2008

It has hit our house!!!!

Well the sickness stuff has officially hit our house. Thursday afternoon Avery started to get a high fever..and it just started to go down hill since then.. I took her to the doctor on Friday bc i didn't like the way she was breathing and she was so congested when she coughed..Well she still had her ear infection in the same ear that she had a previous infection..the fluid still hadn't gone away. ( i had taken her in two week earlier and she had an ear infection and had just gotten of that antibiotic)I was a little bugged that there was still fluid in her ear..He had also said that she had a respiratory infection..but not pneumonia..Well we had a very long night!!! She kept waking up and screaming and pulling her legs up to her she is in pain but i don't know why..I know she cant be constipated bc she has not eaten(she dont want to eat) anything to have any waste and she had diarrhea on Thursday..Her breathing has gotten worse i think..its very short and weezy..we basically have to keep motrin in her every 4 hours to keep her fever down a little bit.. poor baby..hopefully it doesnt spread and she gets over it by christmas..


Debbie said...

Poor girl! Do they have you doing breathing treatments? Those have always helped our boys out..I'll be hoping the rest of you don't catch it!

Holly said...

man when it rains it pours hey? that sucks! hope she feels better:)