Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CBS Special Airing Tonight!!!

Tonight on the CBS Evening News aired a special on prenatal testing for down syndrome. IT was so awesome!! As many of you are aware, that I absolutly hate the fact that they give that prenatal test in the first trimester. BC it gives so many false positive results and then they have an abortion if it comes back postitive. The stats are 90% of down syndrome babies are aborted..I know that is a very sad stastic. but the reason why that number is so high is bc of that stupid blood test that they give you the option to have. So on that piece they were trying to bring that to the publics eye i guess. There is a group of people that are trying really hard to get that test abanished!!! And i hope they do get it!!! I did not have the test and I am SOOOOOO glad that i did not have it. Sarah Palin being elected for VP candiate is bringing some much needed attention to down syndrome community. The piece was very short but pretty informative!! Here is the link if you want to go and watch it....

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