Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome Everyone!! I decided to start my own blog...I didnt know this was possible until Amy(jared's cousin) started one and I relized that this would be much easier then my caringbridge site. Since the caringbridge site is suppose to be for sick ones and Avery really isnt sick anymore but I know that our family still likes the updates and pictures so that is why i decided to start this thanks amy for showing me technology that i didnt know exist:))
So what has been going on with Avery lately you all have been asking me?? Am i slacking that much..well Avery had an appointment with the hearing doctor last week..he said that everything still looked good. She did have some fluid in the middle ear but thought it would just need to be watched to make sure that it goes we are going to go back in 3 months instead of 6 months to check out the fluid situation.
She also had an appointment with the GI doctor was pretty routine check up..he just wanted to see how she was doing on her acid reflux medicine and the miralax. So he said just keep doing what we have been doing and he will recheck her in 6 months..So she has to have one tablet of prevacid a day to help the reflux and miralx everyday or she will get plugged up..The one thing that shocked me was her weight..Avery now weighs 21lbs..YES!!!! that is right i said 21lbs..i couldnt believe it..she definately does not have a problem with her weight anymore!!! YES!!!!
Destiny started first grade this year..she loves it first she hated it because they split up all of her friends so she wa snt with any of her friends...Brielle started k4 preschool this year..she goes everyday from 8-10:45 so she rides the bus home afterwards..she loves it!!! The first day was tough she of course cried but the next day she was over it..
So I guess that is it for now..

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Naomi said...

Glad you started this...these are neat! I was waiting for updates on your caringbridge but this is good! Avery is getting downright "fat"! Ha! Glad to see you're all doing good! nw