Monday, September 29, 2008

An Exciting Day!!!

Well I have meaning to post this on Friday but we have all been sick this weekend so I was pretty much vertical so i didnt get a chance to do it.But just wanted to share some exciting news with you about Avery...Avery walked pushing a walking toy all by herself all the way accross the room. She has done it with help before but Averys E.I. brought over a different walking toy that works really well for her. IT doesnt go as fast bc it is much wider so she can do it on her own. She really enjoys it. If i get to feeling any better today I will try to get a video on here of her doing it but probably wont be happening since i also have to take care of two other sick I'll probably have better luck getting it on tomorrow. or even a picture:))


Amy said...

How exciting! Yay for Avery. Can't wait to see the video!

CarmenK. said...

I want a video! See you soon!

Michelle said...

That is awesome! She will be running around in no time and you will running right after her!! Way to go Avery...keep your Mom busy! :)