Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laura Ingles Pageant

We went to the pageant while we were there too with my mom…last year when we were in SD we went to Desmet to Laura Ingles Homestead but this year we decided to do the pageant and I'm glad we did..It was so neat. 102_5915
The pageant is where they take a book and they reenact parts of that book. The book that they were doing was ..”By the Shores of Silver Lake” The girls absolutely loved this!!!!  but they have read some of the books before too so they knew kind of what was going on..The first part was extremely HOT until the sun went down a little.
They had rides that you could ride in the wagon on..{the ride itself wasn’t that great but it still looked coolWinking smile}
Grandma with the girls..we left the twins home with Jared's parents and just took the older girls which I am really glad that we did!!!
Avery got to sit up in the front and thought she was pretty neat!!  The other girls were pretty jealous!!
Avery is a little hot can u tell????!!!!
Doesn’t my mom make a cute Pa??? hehe!!!!
While we are waiting for the show to begin…it was sooooo hot!!!!
A couple of the different sets!!!
A fiddler…and the other picture is the narrator
Laura and Carrie during a scene
The girls with Pa and Ma after the show!!!
and it wouldn’t be complete with out a sunset on the prairie right???!!!


Pam said...

Looks like so much fun....I would love to visit the Homestead. I have family that lives in Oelrichs, Smithwick and Sioux Falls. We visited in 2006 and I am so ready (so are my boys) for another trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. I just love that area, especially the Black Hills.

Kaia said...

Fun! I hope to make it to the pageant someday!