Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day at the lake

One day while we were there we spent the day at the lake with my friend Danelle and her kids. It was very relaxing and we all enjoyed it a lot!!! It was actually kind of nice to drive only five minutes and we were at a lake that we could go swimming at..bc down here we have to drive over an hour to go to any lake that we can go swimming of shore at. Which is one thing that I totally hate about this place!!!  I grew up at the lake..I was always there…and I miss doing that a lot!!
Brielle, Kassie, and Destiny
Avery and Dawson playing in the sand!
Danelle is going to love me for putting these on…love ya DanelleWinking smile!!!!
Both my babies HATE the sand..and one Hates the water u can imagine how much fun she had..they both pretty much stayed right on this blanket and stayed put!!
Thanks Danelle for a great day at the lake!!!!!

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Kaia said...

I guess that's two less to watch if they hate the sand!