Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sarah and I

When we first got to SD I stopped in Sioux Falls to stay the night with one of my BFF’s..we go way way back….summer of seven gradeSmileLike I said way back but we just wont state how old I am now!!!hehe!! Do any of you have friends where you can go days, even months with out seeing or talking to each other then when you get on the phone you can pick right back up where you left off!!!  That is exactly how it is between gets crazy for both of us and months can go by where we don’t talk but when we call and actually get some time to talk to each other over my screaming kids or hers…its like no time has gone on between us..its like we just seen each other yesterday!!!
{Sarah I know you are going to just love me for putting this picture on here but that’s all I gotWinking smile}
She has a daughter Janai that is the same age as Destiny..all the older girls had a blast playing together!!
The sleepover..I know don’t they look enthused but I think they had fun!!!
She also has a little girl Jude, that is a couple of months older then the twins..I was really nervous as to how I would feel being around her bc I was worried I would be reminded of the baby that I lost bc I would have had the baby the same time around when Jude was born..but I was really ok…I did think about it a little bit but I am at peace with it and my baby will be waiting for me when I get to heaven until then it is safe in the arms of Jesus!  Isnt Jude a little cutie!!! Love her curly hair!!!! She also has a son, Noah that is four but for some reason I have no pictures of him…hmmm!!!!
We decided we would take the kids to the pool…they had a great on the other hand well I was ready to loose my marbles!!  It didn’t go over very well…I had TWO one-half year olds that didn’t have a long nap at all..then to top it off they hate they pretty much stayed on the chair eating chips the whole time… Check out the swimsuit that Avery is wearing..u have to scroll down a little….that swimsuit gave me a turned into this big thing that really didn’t need to be..You see when we first got to the pool I asked the lifeguard at the front if she could wear this swimsuit and they said since the arm bands were attached to the swimsuit it was I was standing by a little waterslide waiting for Avery to go down and the lifeguard asks the other lifeguard if they were attached and she said that they were and it was ok..then she walks over to him and says its ok bc she also has down syndrome too.. so at this point right away I ask the lifeguard if it was ok bc it is NOT a big deal I can go and change her swimsuit into a regular one..{I just would rather have her wear this one for obvious reasons bc she is safe with the armbands and the vest around her too…}but he told me that it was I then went to go sit down with the twins and Brielle was playing around with Avery in the pool.  Pretty soon I see Brielle and Avery coming to me and Brielle says that I have to change Avery bc she cant have that swimsuit on so I go ask the same lifeguard that told me she was ok bc she is standing right in front of me  and she says that the head lifeguard said that it was ok that she wore that swimsuit…so I have to go find the head lifeguard and talk with her..she tells me that she will tell all the lifeguards that it is ok bc under the circumstances it is fine..they usually require a dr.s not but it is fine this time..really????!!!  I could just go change her its not that big of a deal..but she said they would rather have her wear the swimsuit…urghhh….so then I tell the girls to go play with Avery and of course they don’t want to bc they are scared they are going to get yelled at by the lifeguard…So I feel like the entire pool has focused there attention on me, my two crying babies…and Avery bc everyone knows that she has down syndrome and gets to where that swimsuit bc of it.
Ok so this isnt the best picture of them but then the other one wasn’t any better I just picked one…
Destiny going down the took her all day to work up the nerve to go down and then she still wasn’t sure she liked it but then after going down it a couple times she started to like it…
Avery loved going down the slide..she kept going down over and over and over again!!!!
Me with my girls!!!!
Thanks Sarah for a great time in Sioux Falls!!!  WE all had a blast!!!!

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