Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some pictures of our time in SD with my grandparents

I never finished posting some pictures that I wanted to post from our vacation in SD.the next coule of posts are from our vacation in SD!!! Here is some pictures of us when we went to visit my Grandma Larson in Clark…
My Grandma with my aunts who are also twins!!!
My Grandma with all the girls!!!
and of course we had to get a twin picture..my twin aunts holding the twins!!!
We also headed to Milbank one day to see my other Grandparents…
Avery took to my Grandpa right away..but not my Grandma so much…she kept trying but Avery was just ok sitting with my Grandpa!!!
We were treated to pizza by my grandparents..thanks again grandpa and grandma..we all appreciatedWinking smile {I know you are reading this Grandma and see I put a picture on here of you…my grandma kept trying to get out my pictures..so I know she will like this!!!}
Avery still staying close to my Grandpa…

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