Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michelle’s baby shower

While I was in SD my awesome beestie friend Michelle was there too from Washington..and they threw her a baby shower bc she is going to have her first baby{which is about time if u ask meWinking smile}…which I am very excited for her..she is going to be a GREAT mommy!!!! Here are a few pictures from that…she was 24 weeks and look at that tiny baby bump but look at that glow:)!!!
Isnt she a cute pregnant lady???!!!!
We were playing a game..where u had to smell the diapers and guess what was in them..some of them were not pleasant smelling at all!!!!
Avery giving Kamalee kisses!!!
Avery and Kamalee…
Playing ring around the rosies…
While we  were there we did a little photo shoot of Michelle..we both wished she would have been farther along but oh well I think we still got some great shots considering my good camera was broke!!!! Here is a little  big sneak peek for you Michelle!!
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100_6886 c
100_6896 bw
100_6917100_6924 c
100_6925 c
100_6930 bw100_6932 c
100_6934 c
100_6951 c


Michelle said...

The "bump" has really grown now!!! I love the pics... can't wait to see them all!

Anonymous said...

Is that cool wooden bridge in Wtn? Love it!