Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day Recap

Avery’s first day couldn’t have gone better!!! The principal called me yesterday at lunch time to let me know that she was doing wonderful and just falling along with the other kids.  She must have been able to tell that I was a little nervous when I dropped her off. So when I picked her up from school she was just smiling like crazy so I could tell she had a great day..I did notice that she had different pants on so she did have an accident but the teacher said that she was stuck in the bathroom bc her pants got stuck so at least she almost got on the toilet. I walked her to her classroom again today so I could talk to her teachers a little. Her teachers were so glad with how the first day went. They said that it went way better then what they thought it was going to. When we got to her classroom this morning she marched right over to correct cubby without any help and put her backpack away..I was so shocked!!! I had asked them if she talked at all and the teacher told me that she said No pretty clearly;)…there was a boy that kept poking her on the back and she told him “NO” nicely but then he kept poking her and she kept saying no but he wouldn’t give up so finally I guess she got in his face and yelled NO at him…hehe!!!!  She didn’t want to hold the teachers hand when in the hallway she wanted to be in the back of the line with the other kids!!  At recess she got right out there on the playground with the other kids and waited in line to go down the slide..She was really good about changing tasks (one thing we were worried about) but she just watched the other kids and changed tasks really easy when it was time..and did so well sitting down when she was suppose to I guess..Another cute story the teacher told me was when it was lunch time..There is a hand sanitizer that I guess is really tricky to get to work…and u are suppose to sanitize your hands right before you get your tray..well Avery knew exactly what to do..she marched right over there..reached up to the top to push the button and she sanitized her hands, rubbed it all over her hands and then got right back in line…It wasn’t tricky for her at all!!!  In fact she was the only kid who knew what to do;-)  {We go to a lot of dr.s can u tell???LOL!!!}  When it was time to go to bed last night I told Avery we have to go to bed so we can go to school tomorrow and she marched over to get her backpack and put it on and was ready to go out the door..she wanted to go to school last night!!! 
Brielle’s first day was awesome too!!!  She came home and was so happy that she got a ticket..she gets tickets from the teacher for when you are doing what you are suppose to be doing and when u get ten tickets you get to pick a prize from the prize box and she says Mom she even lets us talk quietly to our friends when she isn't talking..I think I am going to like second grade better then first!!!!  She was so excited to see her friends again and she is in the classroom with a couple of them again which is always nice!! She was happy they didn’t have any homework too!!!
Now Destiny well that is a whole other story!!!  I'm still trying to figure hers out..I'm not sure if she is just being a girl and being dramatic or if there is something more to it!!! She came home in tears. She said that she hated her first day and she didn’t like her teacher..{well that was no surprise} but I reminded her that she has to give her teacher a fair shot not just a day to quickly judge her. She kept saying that she wanted me to home school her ..I quickly told her that was not going to happen..So she said that she wasn’t going to go back and she just wouldn’t wake up in the morning..and guess what this morning she had a belly ache and wanted to stay home but I saw through that one and she did indeed go to school.Winking smile She was upset bc she felt the teacher was treating her like a kindergartener again..she couldn’t have any thing that she brought..she took it all away from her..like her pencil sharpener, pencil case, erasers…etc. Basically she doesn’t give them any lien way…very strict.. and well Destiny isn't used to that but I guess she will have to…I bet we all have had at least one of them kinds of teachers…. I know I have and I lived through it!!  I just hope her second day goes better!!! 

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Michelle said...

YEAH!! So glad that Avery is sticking up for herself and not letting that little boy push her around!!! It breaks my heart that Destiny hates it so bad... i just want to fix it for her! LOL! (Can't imagine how YOU feel!) Sounds like it should be a good year for Brielle! Whew! Aren't you glad that day is over with? :)