Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

I thought I would get this on right away before it got to lateWinking smile  Today was the girls first day back to school…Honestly I have been a reck this past couple of weeks leading up to school…This is the first year that Avery is going to school and she will be going all day every as u can imagine that kind of hit me a little bit…I have been so stressed about so many things…Of course it all hits all of us when our kids start school you would be lying to yourself if u said that it didn’t bother u but with Avery I think it just was a little bit more then usual. I pray that everyone gets to know my awesome little girl and love her for her and that she will make friends..Her teacher is very very hopeful so I think that helps. She already wants to meet with me on Thursday so we can touch base and see how she is doing… I start second guessing myself wondering wether  I am doing the right thing when it comes to her school  on putting her in a regular classroom but the only way we can tell is letting her pave her own way…Why is it so hard to let them spread there wings and fly!!!!!  But I know that girl is going to fly once she does!!!!!
Check out her hair cut we chopped it all off!! Doesn’t she look like such a big girl now??!!!  But she loves it!!
Brielle will be starting second grade and she was so happy bc she got the teacher she wanted..the one that Destiny had last year..she moved to second grade!!  I couldn’t be happier too bc I loved her too!!!
Destiny is going into fourth grade this year!!!!  WhAT????!!!!  I have a fourth grader…That doesn’t even seem possibly!!!  Where does the time go???  To fast that is for sure!!!  Destiny was not ready to go back school…She didn’t get the teacher that she wanted and it really was hard on her..She literally had a panic attack when she found out who she as having…She had a classroom next to her last year and all she heard was her yelling all year I guess..she wanted me to homeschool her this year that is how upset she was..and her friends were even in her classroom with her..that is why it was so hard for me I did talk to the principal but she wouldn’t change her so we will just see how it plays out…if she starts falling in school and her grades start to fall I will bring it back up with the principal but for now we will just see how it goes..
There backpacksWinking smile  According to Brielle I take some weird pictrues…hehe!!!!

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Michelle said...

Cute! The girls all looks so elegant! :) Avery looks like she does this everyday! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Hang in there today! :)