Friday, July 29, 2011


joining jeannett at life.rearranged again, linking up my week in review, thanks for iphone pics and instagram!
Here are pictures from our road trip to South Dakota...
We seen a couple of hot air balloons in the sky and the girls thought it was so cool!!!

Getting ready to drive through a mountain...a tunnel

A stop at a rest area to stretch our legs

Our candy stash...a!!!

St Louis arch

Avery being entertained by Signing time!!! (where she has learned all of her signs from)

A necessity when u travel that far with five kids!!!:)

Ahh sleeping babies..very nice

We found this neat little park to stop at and have a picnic there and just stretch our legs

The girls feed there left over fries to the geese

Check all the goose poop on the concrete it was everywhere I couldn't believe it

The girls collected feathers so they could write in ink with them

Our destination:)) we made it!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

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