Friday, July 1, 2011

Our trip to Cancun!!!

Ok so I am finally getting around to posting our pictures from our trip but it has been pretty crazy around here sorry it has taken me so long to get them up…Our trip was pretty eventful to say the least…We left on a Thursday and we left our airport early we ended up taking off from our airport about two ours later so when we arrived at Atlanta we had ten minutes to get to our flight so we ran  flew across that airport as fast as we possibly could…{note to self I need to get into shape} So when we arrived at the gate it was 7:00..and guess what time the flight left..7:00 but do you think they let us on the plane {even thought it was still sitting at the gate bc we could see it…} NOPE they had already closed the cabin door ten minutes ago…WHAT??!!!! and guess what the next flight they could book us on was the next day at noon… I was livid…well that is kind of a understatement…Just my luck would have it..of course things couldn’t go smoothly for us…why would they ever??!!!  So then it starts down pooring and you cant even see out the airport windows..{our luggage was outside in this too just an important tidbit more to come about that later in the story!!!} so they tell us since the plane was delayed due to weather they cant reimburse us for the motel. So it was up to us to find a motel for the night..ummm hello that was an adventure just in that..we couldn’t even find the way out of the airport..we were both frustrated and really we go out the airport to find the hotel shuttles where you have about thirty different pictures to look at and judge which motel you would like to stay at..We picked what we thought looked like a really nice motel…HA!! Let me just say that pictures are sooooooooooooo misleading!!!!!!!!  THe motel we ended up at was the crappiest motel ever..they didn’t even have continental breakfast..This was the view from our room…Isnt it lovely??? DSC_2287All night we heard planes taking off and was so loud and to top it of Atlanta had some major storms that night and it thundered and lightened all night and even rattled our room a few occasions..and apparently the switch board phone must of got struck by lightening bc our phone rang at four o’clock in the morning.. and then again at eight o’clock in the morning at which I finally called down to the office to ask them what was up with the phone calls and that’s what they told me that they were having a few glitches in the phones…lovely!!!! So since the motel was so nice to give us a wake up call at eight we figured we might as well get ready {pretty much put the same clothes back on and finger comb through the hair and  finger brush our teeth} and head to the airport where we would have better luck finding some that is what we did..
The guy last night that booked us on our flights told us that there was going to be two flights before us and right now they were booked full but we could come to the gate early and try to get on stand by! So since we were at the airport early we decided to give it a try..the first flight we got at the gate right as we were getting ready to leave and she said it was full so we asked her about the next flight and she told us it was full too…so we were going to find a starbucks or something and Jared thought we should walk down to that other gate that the next flight was leaving from and see if there were any open seats so that is what we did..we walked up to the desk and asked if we could get on this flight stand by and the lady said sure thing not a problem at all!!!!  Um hello???? I was glad Jared had that ideaSmile  so it put us on an earlier flight to Cancun..and she said that our luggage wont be on the flight but it will most likely be on the flight that we were supposed to be on..I said that was fine!! So  we land in Cancun and make it through immigration line and all that good stuff and then we have to go file a claim with our luggage bc of course its not there…the guy told us our luggage was not going to come until the seven o’clock flight and so it would get there around nine and then they would deliver it to our resort around ten or eleven…of course it is!!!  So when we got to your resort we went to the shop there and bought ourselves a swimsuit each and sunblock..wanna know how much it was????  $1850 pesos..around $160 US dollars..our sunblock alone was $30!!!!!  I so did not want to get any of it..but we would of wasted the whole day pretty much doing nothing at the resort and since we were only there for a few days I figured we better!! We stayed at the Omni Resort…it was so nice..I would totally recommend it to anyone..the food was awesome..the service was awesome…this was the view from our room…DSC_2291
They had three pools you could sit by..and you never had to worry about finding a chair there was always plenty of chairs which was nice..
This was our room…it has a nice little balcony too… {if you were wondering why the double beds well it was an extra $50 dollars a night just for a king bed and well im kind of cheap like that and didn’t think it was necessary..good thing my hubby is kind of cheap too bc he said dbl beds are just fine!!}DSC_2294
This is the view of our resort from the ocean…DSC_2305
This bird is a mexican bird..they were so fun to watch and they are so smart and very tricky…they would watch the waiter take the plate to the dirty pan and then sneak in and get some food from it..and they were constantly shooing them away but they were everywhere…one came right in and stole my pineapple from my drink while I was laying in chair..little stinker!!!
You will have to forgive me in my undershirt..I spilled on my tank top..I suppose that would happen after wearing it two days in a row and I didn’t have anything to change into…
So we did finally get our was Friday night  Saturday morning at three in the morning the concerge desk calls our room to tell us our luggage got they delivered it right away..and I just kind of plopped it on the bed and went back to bed..well then the next morning I went to open our luggage and it was all wet!!  Yes EVERYTHING and it STUNK!!!  That wet musty smell from when you leave your clothes in the wash machine to long..that is what they smelled like..a few things were even moldy!!  It was from when they left our luggage out in the rain at the airport..that is the only thing we can figure anyways.. I asked what they could do but since everything is washable they wont reimburse us for anything!!!  Just lovely..really??!!
We spent a lot of our time just relaxing by the ocean or the pool..the ocean it was everything I hoped it would be…ha!!  It was blue blue water and white sandy beaches!!!! 
DSC_2494 DSC_2398
We actually went parasailing one day too but I am going to put that on a different post…so look for that to come I would say soon but Im not sure how long it will be…lol!
We got our pictures done our last night we were there and I just seen them for the first time the other day and they were some that actually turned out really is so hard to get Jared to smile at all for a camera so I am so thrilled that we got some of him smiling..but after we snappped a few of us in front of the ocean I just wish we could of got some of us together on my camera tooWinking smile.
We had so much fun on our much needed getaway…Its kind of like you don’t really know how much you need it until you actually do it...Sometimes  you just need that time as a couple ..and we have not had that time in a very long time. It has been one thing after another medically with Avery lately and then I had the twin pregnancy  where I was pretty much on the couch most of the time and very uncomfortable {I'm sure my hubby don’t want to go back into time and relive that…lol!!!} and then the twins came and we haven't had a breather sinceSmile anybody with twins knows exactly what I am talking about!!! I would have been happy with just a quick little getaway to Myrtle Beach or somewhere close but everything just kind of fell into place and everything worked out so we could splurge a little on us!! We have never been to Cancun and we had stopped off at Cozumel on a cruise many, many years ago and we both really like Cozumel so we decided to give Cancun a whirl…we had heard that some people have not enjoyed there trip to Cancun but I think we can both say that we truly both enjoyed Cancun…
So good-bye to Cancun for now..who knows maybe we will be back but then we kind of like to go to new places instead of going back to what we know is good:0..we are just kind of like that!!!

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