Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whew!! What a couple of weeks it has been!!

Alright so i guess you might be wondering if i forgot about you all or what..but my computer broke down and the last couple of weeks has been rough!! lol!
So you ask what have i been up to?? Well i am glad that you all asked that:)) So lets see..Avery had a recheck up on her hearing and we have to watch her right ear.
Yes it is the same ear that she had the ear infections. The ear dr. said that it wasnt measuring the correct pressure but it could simply just mean that there still might be some fluid still in there from her ear infectoins. I am praying that thats all it is. We then went into the sound booth and she did excellent in consistintingly turing her ear for the left ear but there were times when she wouldnt turn for the right ear. We are just going to monitior it closely and recheck in 6 months. So please pray that it was only fluid and not showing signs of hearing loss in the right ear!!

Well we supposedly had snow too!! They even called of school but we were actually missing one thing..the SNOW!!! I couldnt belive it.. Only in the south!!!

Destiny got Terrific kid award this past nine weeks..i guess we are doing something For those of you who dont know what it is bc they dont have it in SD but every nine weeks they pick one boy and one girl that has just stood out from the rest of the kids and been TERRIFIC i guess and they get reconized in front of the whole school in a program and the cool thing i think is that they dont tell the kids and then they surprise them and they call the parents to come too..and you get a great nice yellow bumper sticker for your vehicle that says my child is a TERRIFIC kid..and then they get a free meal to Zaxby's. Not every student gets a chance to get the award. I guess that would only be 4 girls and 4 boys per its kind of big i's a few pictures from it..

I am pretty excited i got a new camera the past couple of weeks to so i have been having fun playing with that..i havent posted any pictures on the other site either bc i have to wait til i get the other computer fixed.

I have decided to try to take Avery off of milk and put her on rice milk and see how she does. Ijust think she may be allergic to it. She has some really razzling sounds that i cant ever get to go away and i am sure her dr is tired of me taking her in and asking "Are you sure there is nothing in her chest?" It is always there and i read an article about milk allergies and that was a symptom so i will see i guess. Her therapist told me an interesting tidbit that she learned at a food seminar. She had told me that to find out if a child is allergic to a particular food item try removing it from there diet for 5 days then on the 6th day overload them on that item and then on the 7th,8th,and 9th day take it away again and watch them days really close bc that is when the symptoms will show up. So we are on day 4 right now..let you know how it turns out. I am hoping that it is only just milk and not dairy in general.

Well i think that might sum it up for now...

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Debbie said...

haha..that's funny about the snow:D. I was wondering if you were still alive since you hadn't been on..;)