Friday, February 20, 2009

Well just thought i would quickly update this before i have to go and get some medicine..But took Avery into the dr today bc i was tired of hearing the razzy sound in her chest. I have been debating with it for the last week but every time i take her in it seems like the der tells me that its not in her lungs..Well i finally just did it to ease my mind..And it turns out she has a double ear infection and wheezing in the we are going to try a shot anitbiotic for three days for the ears. Of course it has to be over the weekend so i have to take her to the greenville office which is open on the weekends but have to go in the early morning they said or i could waste my whole day there waiting..We will see how this works for the ears. But we are going to get schduled to go see a ENT (ear,nose,throat) dr. So in other words probably tubes..i have tried garilc oil and colliadol silver in her ears the past week but obvious it hasnt did any thing bc there is still a bunch of fluid in i guess we will see what the ENT dr has to say..As far as her lungs go we are going to try to treat it with an antibiotic for a wekk first then if it gets worse or isnt clearing up then he said we will try breathing treatments. She just has not been herself lately..i am hoping to get her back to herself so i can get some stuff done:))
As far as our other news goes..i dont know much details bc i have not been to the dr yet bc it is still too early. I just couldnt keep it a secret..But i think i am due sometime around the middle of October..which Destiny is pretty excited bc her bday is oct 13. So she wants it around her bday..We all are hoping for a BOY this time!! The girls are praying for two or you have to remember that jareds brother that lives down here just had twins and they think it is really neat..but i am hoping for just one:P After seeing what she goes through..boy oh boy..
I think that is about it but i will leave you with a fuuny story..The other night we were having a really bad thunderstorm and it was ligthening really bad and the girls were already in bed..Well they both come downstairs just scared as ever..especially Brielle she was just shaking she was so scared..Apparently Destiny had told her that the ligthening was going to come through the window and get her..Leave it to a big!!!
Well i was going to upload a fe wpics but my compute ris being dumb so i guess it will have to wait..


Debbie said...

I think tubes might be unavoidable for our kids w/ their smaller ear canals...I'm so surprised Kolby's only had 1 ear infection so far!
Yeah, I think you need a boy too:) But I agree one would prob be enough!

Michelle said...

Ah, poor Avery. I guess this answers my question of what you are doing this weekend! You did say you didn't have much going on! :) Hope she feels better soon! Looks like you guys might need to get to SD so your girls know what thunderstorms are and don't get so scared (and for no other reason! lol.)!