Friday, April 20, 2012

This last week

So the last two weeks we have had a few dr appointments for Avery..we arent done yet but I thought I would update on the ones that we have done…
Avery had her hearing rechecked and everything checked out good. It was actually great..No signs of fluid in the ear and no signs of even a slight hearing loss. woohoo!! That is such great news..especially since she has had her tubes out since last October and still she hasn’t had one ear infection since.
Avery also had a recheck up with the eye dr. We are still just going to closely monitor her left eye. It turns in sometimes but he feels like it only does it when she is looking up towards something..well it mainly does it when she is looking up. So we just go get it checked on every six months to see if it is getting worse or better but it has stayed the same. Her sight is good too..still borderline for nearsighted.
She also had an appointment with her orthopedic doctor. He did some x-rays and will send them up to the doctor in Boston and we will wait to see what he has to say but he had told us to expect at least another three weeks in the cast. The bone was growing together very nicely he that is good news. Another three weeks is not so much good news. Today marks the one month mark..She has been in the cast for four weeks already. In some ways it has gone by fast but mostly it has went by really slow! Her one incision has healed very nicely but the other one must of ripped a stitch or something on the it keeps breaking open and then it will scab and then break open again..the dr said that he wasn’t worried about it..most scars heal from the outside in..but since this one broke open..he has to heal from the inside out now…hmm..interesting. We don’t know when we will have to go back up to Boston…he is going to ask..I don’t think we will have to again from my understanding until the next surgery but I could be wrong. We are going to try to get the other side done before the end of the year to cut down on our costs. Once when we meet our deductible and pay our maximum out of pocket expenses then we are done for the year so this surgery is going to put us there and so we are thinking if we get the other side done then we wont have to pay anything for that one since we have already met our maximum.  We shall see if it actually works out. We do have to wait six months from her first surgery date to do the other side he did tell us that.
Avery also had a dentist appointment and everything looks cavities and no growth from the teeth that she was missing so she obvious will not get them baby teeth I guess..strange! but you could never tell she is missing teeth..they are all full on the top and bottom…its going to be a mess when her permanent teeth come in I think.
Avery also had an appointment/ follow up with her sleep doctor. Everything is ok.not great just ok. She isnt doing as good as we were thinking on the CPAP machine. I thought she was doing good since we got back after being used to wearing it all night in the hospital..but I apparently she is pretty sneaky..and is taking it off shortly after I put her to bed..I usually check on her before I go to bed and then we put it back on..and she is swiping if off then too..I have a swiper on my hands…lol! He brought up medication again and im not comfortable medicating her…but we will just keep chugging along and see if she improves..maybe I do need an alarm on her machine so I can put it back on all night and get no sleep…but at least one of us was getting a good night sleep..
whew…that is it for now…next week she has her regular check up with her pediatrician and also with the dietician and feeding doctor…the one that has been monitoring all of her aspiration issues in the past..
We got hit by a HUGE hail storm a couple of weeks ago..we have lots of damage..Our house needs a new roof, new gutters, one side of siding, and some drywall repair in our house because the roof leaked. About 13,000 in damage. Both of our vehicles were almost totaled out by the insurance adjuster…couple hundred away from that.. Im just thankful we have insurance on all of it and will cover it all. But here are some pictures of the storm..I did video tape some of it too and we watched it back the other day and you couldn’t even hear any of us talking bc the hail was hitting the house so hard. I thought for sure it was going to break a window. All of my outdoor plants/ flowers are damaged. We even took cover once because I thought for sure it was a tornado..I couldn’t see anything and all of a sudden I see leaves just whipping around..It is almost like it stalled over us…and then came back again..
Don’t worry this was after the storm…;)
Golf ball size hail…
this was my hydrangea which I was all excited bc it was coming up good this year..but nope not any more!
This is our pool box on our deck…


Becky said...

Oh, I hope you feel some sense of relief from all these appointments. How draining that can be...

Oh my goodness...that is crazy the hail! I am so sorry to hear about the damage.

You need a break from things...just a little calm time.

Been thinking of you and so glad to hear about the updates on Avery.

April Vernon said...

Wow! That hail was something else!I am your newest folllower. I have a 23 mo old with Ds and have a blog at

Pam said...

So glad to hear that Avery is doing well and is recovering the way she should be. I'm sure it must be difficult for you all with her being in the cast that long!

I can't believe that! How scary that must have been! Sorry to hear it did so much damage.

Ally sends Avery a hug :)

Laura said...

Avery is a busy lady, even after a major surgery! And that hail - I'm sorry to read you had so much damage to your home:(