Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh June where did you go???

Wow it is already July 1st, well actually it’s the third now..boy did that month just fly by..why does the summer always fly by and the winter seems to drag on and on…at least it does for me..Well what have we been up to???? Well we have been living up the summer and enjoying every minute of it.. I love love having my kids home and we are having so much fun…So to catch you all up on the last is what we have been up to…
*The girls planted some flowers..
*We made some strawberry jam, and we are waiting for blackberries to make some blackberry jam
*Swimming..LOTS of swimming…Avery is getting to be quite the fish..she loves to jump in..and she will plug her nose and put her head under for awhile and try to swim…in fact everything pretty much goes to pot in the summer bc we spend too much time outside swimming or just being lazy by the pool..and then nothing gets done..but that’s ok bc its summer..
This girl loves to jump..she is all smiles..even up until she hits the water…
*Grilling LOTS = easy suppers
*Avery is still trying to practice riding her bike…we will get there someday..she keeps wanting to push the pedals backwards and then that stops it of course..I got her a little bigger bike at a yard sale to see if that would help and it did some..
*Spending time at the lake on the boat
Avery jumping off of the front of the boat
Do u see where Avery is?? Right up there fishing with Daddy…
Where are the other girls while dad tries to fish a little bit…??

*VBS..this was the first year Avery went and she had a blast..and this last Sunday I caught her singing away in church…maybe a little to loud but that s ok;)

*Eating our fresh vegetables that we grew
you win some you lose some..not sure what happened to these squash plants but they didn’t make it
Almost ripe
Jared’s grapes..hopefully they taste good this year..we haven't had any luck with them in past years  but then we only got a handful of grapes last time..
and this year we have lots of little cluster of grapes
*Making homemade popsicles, and fudgesicles. Destiny has been going on pinterest and finding great recipes to make..they all love em…we have only have one bad one so far..but I think it was because our watermelon wasn’t that great to begin with
*Sleep overs
*Staying up late and sleeping in…ooh the best part of summer…sleeping in and not having a schedule
*Making our quilt
*Eating lots of Destiny’s goodies that she has been making..she is def my baker..and cleaning out the bowl and mixer of courseSmile
*Made it to week 4 of the Couch to 5k program..Here’s the link if u are more interested..(Its a iPhone app that gets u from the couch to 5k slowly through 9 weeks but you don’t have to have an iPhone to do it..the app just makes it easier bc it talks to you and times you to tell you when to switch over to walk and run plus it tells you how far u many calories u burned..and so on..) ..I'm not a runner..I'm a runner wanna beSmile but so far this program as been great if I can stick with it I might just be a runner.ha! I haven't made it this far yet so I am soo pumped.This is my third time retrying it..Third times a charm rightSmile It has been going good..I do it every other night faithfully by myself or with Jared and it has been the best thing for me..Afterwards I usually just jump in the pool and go for a swim after to cool off..But I'm not sure why they call it the couch bc its not like I've just been sitting on the couch or anything..but we all know that right;)

*Going for Ice Cream of course..we tried out a new place Tutti Frutti- frozen was sooo yummy def will be going there can pick what ever flavor you want and get it yourself which the kids loved doing..and then any topping you can imagine you can put on..and put on as much or as little of the toppings that you want..and then you weight it and surprisingly it wasn’t overly expensive. I think it was ten bucks for all of us..not bad for a little treat once in awhile I think..
*Fishing- cant leave that one out..Jared and I had a fishing date which was so great…and so peaceful..just being out on the lake where it is nice an quiet and you can talk and don’t have to talk over all the music that the restaurants play so loudly down here..watching the sunset…aww my kind of date even though we didn’t catch any big ones..just little ones..but Jared can never catch anything with me… Avery has also turned into quite the little fisher lady too…she LOVES it..if she hears daddy is going fishing well its all over and she ends up going with too..she will climb in the boat and stay there until Daddy says she can go..she caught a big 5lb bass with Jared one night and the minute she caught it she says “A-a-all done” she caught her fish she was all done and ready to go home.haha!! IMG_1869[1]
Our big one for the nightWinking smile
Sorry for such a long post..that was like five posts in one..Well that pretty much sums up our June..Bring on July…we are planning on making a trip back to SD again for a couple of weeks..just me and my girls.we did that last year and it went good..but this time on the way back Grandma is going to ride back with us and then spend a couple of weeks down here..She don’t know what she is in for but she’ll learn quickly she wants to see the country so she thought it would  be a good idea..ha!

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Becky said...

Wow...what a post! What a lot fun! I would love a pool...and Avery is such a little fish. She also is doing great riding that bike. If I can run, anyone can! :). Keep up the good work! Looks like a fabulous summer so far...