Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BUDS and T-Shirt Fundraiser

If u are friend with me on FB you have probably seen and heard all of this but for those of you that haven't wanted to share here too..

I along with two other moms who have a child with ds felt there was a need for a Spartanburg DS group bc there was none so we started BUDS (Bringing Up Down Syndrome of Spartanburg). What did we exactly hope for this new group????  To bring families together in Spartanburg and surrounding areas in support of those with DS. We started out with having a moms supper and it was great…it was more then great..it was awesome to meet other moms and just all talk and we all got it!!! There were new moms there and moms who had older ones too…we all could relate to each other and the new moms who had questions could get them answered too…and since that first meeting we have kept up with it and have a moms supper once a month and it just keeps getting better and better!!  I look forward to them.

But last week was our first family event and it was a success. Everyone was so happy that we did it and couldn’t wait for the next event! That made us so happy to feel we werent the only ones that knew Spartanburg needed this! We had a family BBQ supper at Lake Bowen and although it rained through most of the event and the kids couldn’t go off and play on the playground it was ok bc everyone was still happy and just mingled with everyone. We had about 13-15 families that were there. That is pretty impressive for our first event if I do say so myself. Everyone told us how fun they had and loved it! Here are a few pictures from the event…

The ones behind BUDS…we had three but now there is only two!!


Our logo…and banner that we had done..


Here is our FB site for anyone that wants itSmile  https://www.facebook.com/BUDS.Bringing.Up.Down.Syndrome

Our other hope is to do new parent care bags and deliver them to the hospital when there is a new family up there that delivers a baby with ds. We are still working with the hospital to get all the kinks out.

BUT with all of that it all takes money and so we decided to do a tshirt fundraiser. We have designed and worked with a local printing company to come up with a great looking tshirt design if I do say so myself. It was a BIG group effort with lots of peoples different opinions. BUT this is what we came up with…

tshirt design

Tshirts are $15 and come in any size from youth xs all the way up to a 10x. I can ship we just ask that you pay for shipping. BUT for any of my SD friends and family we are coming home in a few weeks and I can bring them with bc we are hoping to have all money collected by June 21 so we can get them ordered. THe front will have a an awareness ribbon in the form of a heart. Look up at the picture of me and the other girl and look at the front of the shirt I am wearing that is what it will look like. The shirt color is a very pretty royal blue. Some computer screens make it look like a purple-blue but its not.  Send me an email if you would like to order one at budsbringingupdownsyndrome@gmail.com


Laura said...

Very, very cool! Love your shirts. We just ordered our Ben's Buds Buddy Walk t-shirts.

Natalie said...

Miss seeing updates!