Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brielle lost her first tooth..

Brielle lost her first tooth this week...she was pretty excited to have a wiggly tooth. She has been asking me ever since Destiny lost her first tooth when hers would get wiggly..but then she soon realized that it wasnt any fun having a wiggly tooth and wanted it out. So Daddy helped her get it out..Destiny has never let any of us help her get it out but Brielle wanted that tooth out right away..then that night she didnt put it under her pillow bc she didnt want the tooth fairy to take it so she hid it so she could take it to show and tell the next day at school:)) But then the next night she put it under her pillow so the tooth fairy could take her tooth..and she was all excited to finally have some money from the tooth fairy..

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Michelle said...

OUCH!!! That first picture makes my teeth hurt! Brielle, you are crazy!!!! LOL.