Thursday, June 4, 2009

School is out!!

Yesterday was our last day of school..Yea it is officially summer..I have been waiting for this for awhile..How is it that at the end of the school year you want summer and at the end of summer you want school to start..i guess that is just how it works:)) Well just to highlight a few important things this last week. Monday was Brielle's graduation from K4 and then they had the terrific kid award for the last nine weeks and Brielle was chosen for that..Yay go Brielle!! She was pretty excited to get it bc Destiny had gotten it earlier this year and when you get it you get a certificate to go out to eat at Zaxby's for a free meal and that is pretty much the only time we ever go to Zaxby's. Makes it special any way.. Next year she will go all day every day..She is already asking me when she can start Kindergarten it might be a long summer if she is going to ask me that every day:) Hopefully kindergarten wont be a disappointment then for her when she does get there..

On Tuesday Destiny had her awards day..She did really good.First you go to there classroom and they get there awards in there for the classroom..She received alot of awards but the ones that only she got was the best penmanship and top AR reading points(I'm sure you are all wondering what is AR reading points are...through out the school year they take home books to read then they have to go back and take a test on what they read..and then they will get a point for it..Destiny was the top in her class and got 65 ar points..Yay go Destiny!!! For the school awards she got called up for the "A" honor roll..and then the principal gives them to the students..

Well otherwise it has been a kind of slow week..whew!! But Avery is doing better finally..we had to take her back in last week bc she was still wheezing so he put her on albuterol. I guess ill see some of you all in a week...I'm coming to SD with Avery for a short trip. My cousin is getting married and we are having a little family reunion i guess.. Ill be seeing some of my cousins that i have not seen in years...we will all be there i think and it is also my grandparents anniv. So next Thursday i fly into Sioux Falls and then i come back home the next Wednesday..hope to see you all soon!!

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