Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picnic in the park

The other day we had a picnic at this little pond i guess..im not really even sure how to describe the place..Its actually a Milliken (sp?) Plant i think..(Carmen u can help me out on that:)) But anyways for the last 1 1/2 yr i guess everytime we drive by there on our way to therapy i have told my girls that someday we would take a picnic there and they could feed the ducks..well better late then never..right:)) We had so much fun my only regret is that we didnt go sooner..The minute we stepped out of our van the ducks started quacking and walking up to us..and then they just followed us to where we had our picnic and they just came right up to us and pretty much kept begging until they got some food..and then of course there were some fish that would jump and i really wish i would of got a picture of this HUGE fish while we were there..i have never seen anything big..well heres a few pictures..

Check out Brielle she is more worried about the duck..she always had to have her eye on the ducks nad make sure they werent going to get her...:)) And them collecting there duck feathers..what do they want with duck feathers..i dont know:P but i wasnt going to stomp on there fun..

Avery saying "OOOOO" at first she was pretty nervous to even eat bc of the ducks but towards the end she got better and liked to watch them.

By the way i never did get a picture of all the ducks but there were alot more then a couple.there were tons!!! After awhile we had tons of geese come over too and then they thought they were going to get all the food..and hissed at all the other ducks..


Holly said...

Sounds like fun:) My kids would prob freak out if the ducks got near them...well a couple of them would one for sure would chase them til they were scared to come around!! we wont name names;)lol

Michelle said...

Aw, how fun! Well, it is either the bugs here or the ducks there!!!

Amy said...

so fun...wish we had a cool place like that around here!