Friday, July 9, 2010

Six Months

My babies are six months old already..whew…that was a long six!!  I'm not looking back and only want to look forward and I'm hoping the next six months kind of fly by:~) It is def getting a little bit easier in some parts but in other parts boy oh boy is it a challenge..take church for instance…try keeping two babies occupied and quiet for an hour..I have many days where I walk out of church and feel like everyone in church was just staring at our bench and got there  good laugh for the day…:)
Anyways the girls stats are…Jayla is 19lbs 9oz..and 27.5” long and Jianna is 19lbs 4oz and 26.5” long..I still cant believe that Jayla is still just a tad bigger in weight and in length then Jianna it will probably always be like far it has been like that… They are pretty big babies they were in the 97% percentile for weight…But I have to say it sure is nice not having to worry about weight for once..With Avery weight has always been such a big issue especially when she was a baby..At six months Avery weighed 11lbs. I think that was her peak at six months bc then she started to go down from there..They are twice the size Avery was at this age:0  But then I guess they don't have the puking/reflux issue Avery had still has..Yes if she drinks anything to fast or to much of one thing it all comes back is so gross now..But the babies aren't really spitter uppers..That is the other thing that is sooooooooooooooo nice…i have def had my share of puke and Ill take my non spitter uppers for a NICE change:)
They are pretty much rolling all over and squeaking and squealing and babbling a lot. They are almost sitting up by themselves but not quite…They LOVE there jumping Johnny things…Its so funny watching them two jump around in them..Jayla loves to go from side to side and then Jianna loves to get that thing jumping by going up and down…
DSC_2888 copy

One more week and we are off to South Dakota for a much needed family vacation and some visiting family and friends!!! It has been over two years since we have all been home together..We are all excited and counting down the days..I’m  not looking forward to the LONG, LONG 22 hr drive but with lots of earplugs and a MP3 player I might be set…hehe!!!

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Sarah said...

wow, your girls are chunky:) rylan is only 16 lbs.