Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun

This is what happens when I just simply want to paint my toes…I have to paint 50 more toes..Ok well mainly 30 bc the babies don't know yet.hehe!!!  There are times when I run into my bathroom and lock the door just so I don't have 30 more toes to paint:~)
My babies are getting so big!!!!  Jayla-l, Jianna-R
Jayla-L, Jianna-R
I think its so cute Avery tries to do therapy on the babies:~)  Notice her hand is on the babies hand and she is making the baby touch!!  She does this alot to them….
We have been staying really busy this summer!!!  We have been enjoying all the regular summer activities…The last two weeks we have been busy trying to set up the pool…i know we should of set it up at the beginning of summer it only makes sense..right???  Well we were trying to decide if we were going to sell our house or not and if we were going to put it on the market then we didn't want to put up the pool bc they say that pools aren't good for resale…but we decided to stay awhile after talking with a realtor so we decided to put it up…
Avery LOVES the pool!! She is a little fish in there…
Avery trying to plug her nose and go under…lol!!!
The babies hated the pool at first but then they got used to it and like it now!!! Jianna on the left and Jayla on the right!!


Michelle said...

Cute toes.. how fun that you have so many toes to paint!!! :) Avery is such a cute little helper! And the twins... whoa!!! You really can hardly call them babies, they are getting pretty chunky!!! Pool looks like a lot of fun!

Kat said...

You must go through a lot of nail polish!