Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband!!  
 DSC_2325 good
We had a great day at the lake with the family..it was very HOT but it was fun!!

DSC_2272  DSC_2290
This is my nephew Canyon and niece Kaysha (they are twins too)

Avery loves the water…and the dirt too..hehe..why she likes to eat dirt..she will have some rocks in her mouth then come up to me and just grind her teeth..it drives me CRAZY!!!!  Its like fingernails down a chalkboard….
DSC_2274 DSC_2265
I was having fun playing with my camera..I have never really played around with silhouettes in front of a sunset..I def have alot more practice to do and maybe some reading up to do too but  I cant wait too do more bc it was really fun!!! So even though this are no where near perfect I still wanted to post them… and if anyone has any tips or tidbits please tell me its the only way to learn!!!
DSC_2388 copy
The sunset on Lake Bowen!!  Very Pretty!!!
DSC_2393 copy
i had to go through a lot to get the next picture..On our way home from the lake I seen this and instantly thought that would be such a good picture so what do I do??..pull over along side the road..well apparently I was ahead of the gang bc first Jared passes me and calls me and Destiny answers the phone..he is all worried that the van broke down and then she tells him that she's just taking some pictures. “Oh brother..”  (We have to drive separate to the lake bc we cant all fit in his truck and he has to take the truck to pull the boat)  So then my brother in law and sister in law pass and text me and see if I need help..”Nope just taking some pictures..hehe:~)”  Every other car that passed also passed me really slow so I m sure they were either thinking crazy lady or I wonder if she needs help!!  Well I am happy with my picture anyways..even if I got some heat!! 
DSC_2415 copy

I hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day!!!  Happy Fathers Day to my dad and father in law!!  Hope you both had a wonderful day!! 

Just a quick update on Avery..She is doing so much better...Saturday was the first day she went with out no pain medicine..Boy that was a long time to be on pain medicine..I had no idea it was going to be that bad..At the time the end seemed like so far away and I really didnt think she was ever going to recover..Saturday was really the first day we didnt have to fight with her to get her ot ear or drink anything too..I think she lost some weight too but she will probably gain it back no problem!! But I guess that really is to be expected as little as she ate or drank..We go back to the dr next week for a check up and then in two months we will schedule another sleep study to see if it helped!!  The twins go next week for there six month check up too..CRAZY there first half of there life just flew right on by me..


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