Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update on Miss Avery…We got to come home tonight around supper time..We had to stay all day bc she was refusing to eat or drink anything..So they decreased her IV fluids some to see if she would drink more but nope she still didn’t. I really don't know how she got to come home but I guess. They weighed her wet diapers and then put in how much fluid she had taken in from the IV then the look at the difference and apparently it was enough to send us home.  I think they wanted us to stay again..but I kind of wanted to get out of there..They did say to watch her closely for dehydration.  So we will have to do that..bc when we got home she still refused to drink or eat anything and started to run a fever a little which is normal I guess....It is going to be a long two weeks of recovery..Its not very easy trying to pump liquids in a clench tight mouth. I have a VERY stubborn little girl!!!
How is her sleep apnea now??  Well I wont know that for a while..She will have to have another sleep study done in two months.  Then we will be able to tell if it helped or not!!  Its really hard to tell right now if it improved at all bc she is so congested..kind of croupy from getting her tonsils out. In fact they almost gave her a neb treatment last night bc she was sounding so croupy and looked like she was struggling a little breathing….but I guess we didn't  need it..

Oohhhh..I almost forgot.....guess who was waiting for us to come home tonight...Mr. Snakey!!!  He came back for another visit..but this time Jared was home and well lets just say...Off with his head..he is now dead now..Wheeeww!!  What a big sigh of relief!!  But before Jared killed him he OF COURSE  had to hold him straight up ( of course he wasnt holding on to him with his own hands) He was the length of my outside door from top to bottom..and he apparantly was only a baby. Huh??!! .Lets just say that Im just glad he is dead now!!!

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Holly said...

Hope she get better sooner rather than later-will be praying:) Good thing you don't have to worry about your unwanted visitor anymore;) lol