Saturday, June 12, 2010

How we’re doing!!!

I wish the two weeks were up already..boy oh boy is this a challenge!!!  She was doing a little better last night so we thought but then today we are back to square one again..its a battle to get her to take her medicine and its a battle to get her to drink anything..but something's she doesn't have a problem eating…we are thinking its bc it is scratching her throat as it goes down and it must make it feel good or something…She is eating soft food like soups and veggies..but stuff where she has to swallow she wont do like yogurt which is shocking bc this girl LOVES yogurt!! I know it doesn't really make any sense does it :~)  I was getting a little worried yesterday about her intake of liquids bc her diapers were dry so I  gave her a bath..tell me a kid who will not drink the water in the  bathtub..I know its kind of gross but I guess desperate circumstances demand desperate measures..and guess what I was right…She did drink a lot in the bath tub!!!  So she played for quite a while in the bathtub..  We also  Jared hog ties her down and gets out the dropper and starts slowly squirting water into her. This is how we have to get her medicine in her too….She rarely will take a drink from her cup..remember how i told you she was particular about her cups..Yeap she has a cup for every kind of liquid..haha!!! and she likes to carry around all of them even though she really isn't drinking anything from them..Silly Girl!!!!
This was yesterday morning when I couldn't get her to do anything but lay on the couch with her two best buddies..sheep-sheep and pig-pig!!  This girl has to sleep with both of these animals and sheep-sheep has to be curled up in her right  arm  and pig-pig has to be curled up in her left arm..and her small blankey that grandma made her has to be on top then her big soft blanket on top of that and don't forget to uncover her feet bc this girl hates her feet covered up!!!  and don't think to try to switch the two animals around bc she will let you know otherwise..every night same routine!!:)
Hopefully a couple more days and she will snap out of it a little..and be kind of back to her old self again:)

Can you believe the twins are already five months old already..I know I am a little late posting this picture but I guess I've been a little busy:D  don't mind the slant on the picture..Jianna almost jumped of the couch so I kind of took the picture while I was running to catch her..haha!!  (I didn't have time to fix it  so I guess you will just have to turn your head to the left a They are becoming quite vocal it is really cute.. Jayla is a screeching one though!!  Jianna is the spitter..Jayla is on the left and Jianna is on the right!!
They have both found there feet now:)  Jayla on the left, Jianna on the right..
Jayla likes to eat her piggy's:)
Jayla, on the left she loves her tummy…and Jianna on the right..she can only tolerate her tummy for so long!!
We have added another…first time putting them in the walkers..I think they are trying to figure out what in the world is going on with the other!!! They would not stop staring at each other…it was too funny!! Boy am I going to need to have a massive baby garage sale when I'm done!!!


Anonymous said...

That Avery is quite interesting! The twins look more and more like you all the time-

Jessi said...

What pretty girls! Are the twins identical? I thought Sarah said they weren't, but they look SO much alike.

Garage sale? Aren't you going to try for a boy? :)

Kristi said...

They are faternal...I know even when they came out the nurse asked the dr again just to make sure she broke two sacs...

Holly said...

Poor Avery! The pictures of the twins are too cute! I love the walker one-so funny:)