Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surgery went good

The surgery went really good and fast!!  Her adenoids did grow back a little so they did take them out again too..She did really good in the recovery room and about an hour later they had her in here room.. I feel pretty bad bc of course I brought her sippy cup with me but of course it was a straw one and of course she cant drink from a straw..duh??? Why didn't I think of that..good thing they had an extra one in the recovery room..but it wasn't really the right one..It was a hard spout and not a soft one..She is pretty picky when it comes to her cups. She drinks her milk out of a certain cup and her juice and water out of another one...So once when we got her back in the room and she fell asleep while Jared was still here I snuck out and went to the store and to try to find her a new one so we can keep her hydrated..But the whole thing is just  pretty frustrating and could of been avoided if only I would of known. We should be able to get out tomorrow..if everything goes ok..At the beginning she was doing wonderful..drinking alot but now she kind of took a turn for the worse I cant get her to drink anything..she’s sleeping right now..they just got done giving her some Tylenol with codeine for the pain and it made her sleepy.The nurse just told me that the night is usually worse so I might be in for a LONG night!!! Here’s a few pictures from today!!
This was in the pre-opt room before they took her back…
This was while we were waiting for them to take her back..Jared was on the phone and so Avery picked up my phone and was pretending to talk too:))
These are after the surgery in her room!!



Michelle said...

Aw...breaks my heart to see her in a hospital bed and her arm all wrapped up! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

aliimberi said...

Aw...she is so sweet! Wish I could be there to give her lotsa hugs!

Holly said...

poor little miss;) Hope she feels better soon and the night isn't too bad for you!