Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know we are a few days late but I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!   “ Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” psalm 118: 29  There is so much to be thankful  and I thank the Lord for everything he has blessed my family and yours with…
We had a great day celebrating Thanksgiving with my husbands family..We ate turkey and played games and then ate some more and then some took a nap and played more games..a nice relaxing day with our family!!
The girls with some of there cousins
My SIL did a piñata for the kids and they all loved it..especially Avery we really had to pull the bat away from her…what a great idea!!!!
These hats have been on my To Do list for the longest time and I finally did them…YIPPPEEE!!!!  I really should of done Avery’s in black but I ran out of black fabric from old t-shirts.. What do you think?? Cute!!! huh??? They were actually pretty easy!!
The sleep study itself went as good as to be expected i guess:)  Avery did not want the oxygen thing on her toe at all!!!  So she woke up many times through out the night to try to take it off and finally the nurse just ended up taping her whole foot..she is one determined little girl and she hates that thing..i don't know if its the red light or what but she tried so hard to take it off when she was in the hospital with her tonsils and also when she was in the ER from her accident she had.. This last week though we went back to the doctor to get the results of Avery’s sleep study and we really didn't get the news we wanted to hear..Her sleep apnea didn't change one bit..I couldn't believe it….I had this feeling that she still had some episodes but I thought it would of changed at least a little bit after taking her tonsils/adenoids out but nope it didn't.. So we have to go back to the hospital for yet another night and this time it will be to fit her for a cpap machine(controlled oxygen) and to teach me how to use it:(  and then we will have to use it every time she sleeps..I'm really not looking forward to having to deal with this..we are going to wait until after the holidays to start this bc why stress us and Avery out during the holidays..I figure what is one more month.. the nurse at the doctors office agreed with me too!!!  I'm not sure how Avery will handle it..please say a prayer for lil miss Avery and me:)  Here are a few pictures from the sleep study..I don't know h0w they expect her or anyone for that matter to sleep with all the wires connected to them but that's part of the study…
 DSC_6850 DSC_6848
And Ill leave you all with a few pictures of my babies since we all know how current I am on there month pictures I am…Its already time to take there eleven month picture and I'm just posting there ten month one..:)   I also got around to doing there nine ten month pictures but you all have to wait til i post them bc some of them will be on my Christmas card:)  Taking all of the girls pictures for our Christmas card was somewhat of a success to this year so I'm pretty happy about that but I'm not going to be posting anytime soon on here bc then you wouldn't be excited to get the Christmas card to see the pictures..hehe!!!
Jayla, Jianna
The babies wanting out very badly!!!! 
Jayla is the little stinker of the two..She will get on top of Jianna kind of like this and then go for a ride while Jianna is crawling and Jayla just smiles away while doing it too.. They have been such fighters lately  I think I may have them on video Ill have to post it if I is so funny bc they literally duke it out until the one baby  has the thing/toy  that the other baby wants then then she will crawl away pretty fast from the other baby..this was Jianna crawling away from Jayla and she went after her and Jayla caught her and climbed up on!!!
HEHE!!!!  Jayla’s  going to get that toy that Jianna has
Jayla, Jianna


Michelle said...

Little Buggers! LOL! Looks like there is never a quiet moment at your house. :) Love the hats. The pinata was a great idea! So cute too.

Mishali said...

okay... not to be a creep or anything, i came across your blog through another blog that also has a little girl with ds... ds has had such a big impact on my life and my sweet childhood friend just had a baby boy with ds that was not discovered until after he was born... i appreciate all of the insite on your blog and how honest and real it is... can i also say i think you might be supermom?! i just wanted to leave a comment because i hope to be able to refer my friend to your blog as she starts her own journey... thanks again!

Kristi said...

Mishali, thanks for the supermom boost{grin} but I dont think I am anywhere close to that..haha!! I dont mind at all if you refer your friend :) If your friend needs to email me she can do that to! I would LOVE to help her if I can!!!!