Friday, November 12, 2010

Making some flash cards

This past week I have been working on making Avery some flash cards. I had actually made her some before just out of post cards and then clear taped them thinking they would hold out..HAHA!!! I should of known better with two crawling babies and Avery who mouths everything…so I had to come up with another solution…and I had this idea floating around in my head for awhile now. I started with just the colors and the shapes then I had seen this tutorial over here…and thought why not do the numbers too..but she made two sets to play matching game.. great idea but I think I will consider myself lucky just to get these done;)  I want to try to do the ABC’s but I might use there advice or it might of been somewhere else and instead of using felt numbers try fabric paint and freezer paper stencils..might go faster…bc it takes alot of time to sew around the numbers especially if you are a very early beginner sewer like me;) One day I might be Martha Stewart at sewing..right:)  So anyways we have been working on the shapes with the other flash cards that i had made and she pretty much has them down..but in case any one is curious on what/how we have been doing them..Ill tell you bc someone had passed on the information to me awhile ago and a down syndrome lunch meet up..Children with down syndrome learn a lot by memorization…So she said that she would make lots of flash cards for her son and then pick about 5 and go through them with her son many, many times a day..for a couple minutes at a time..She would only take about a few seconds on each card..Dont pause and talk about them I guess.and then after about a week move on to different one..granted they know the flash cards that you have been working with..she did this with everything..letters, numbers, shapes, pictures, colors, sight words, she even did this when he started to read..and anyways so I thought i would give it a try when I got home..and well i wasn't as consistent as she it has taken us alot longer..but Avery knows most of her shapes now..and we are working on colors now;) So I think it works for the most part!!  So that is what we are starting on to get her ready for school next year!!! 

Writing on felt can be a little tricky..I used fabric paint on the back of the color we can work on the words too..
So I made a few videos of us going through the colors and shapes flash cards..don't mind me at all:)  but Avery is trying to copy me after I say the color and shape..I kind of lose her after orange in the color one..(she loves to say Purple…It must be a fun word to say..she goes around just saying purple a u catch her saying purple a lot after we hit orange..)  At the end don't you just love how I get referred to….mooooooom as she yells it..this is how she says mom..isnt it does get my attention though:)  In the color one she is trying to do the sign language for each color as we are going through them.
Ps. Just thought I would let you all know that we don't really know anything from her sleep study yet..only that the nurse told me she did have episodes whether it be enough to have to have a cpap well we don't know..We have an appointment next Thursday..Also the book that i made for Avery was a HUGE hit..she carries that thing around all day and we have to read it at least twenty times a day!!!  There will def be many more in the future!!  It works too  it gets her to say the words so she is talking!! She brought me the book one day and showed me the picture of her with her cup and I asked her if she wanted her cup and she said yes..:) 


Michelle said...

Those are great!!! Love the videos... looks like she is going to be all ready for school!

Debbie said...

I like those!

Steve and Estella said...

I totally came past your blog randomly. I just have to say that your daughter Avery is so dang cute! I have TWO brothers with Down Syndrome, so it was so sweet to see your blog! You have such good ideas to help her. I'm going to have to show my mom this (if you don't mind, of course!)

Kristi said...

Thank you and of course I dont care;) Did your mom adopt another one or did she have both?? We want to adopt a little girl with down syndrome someday.

Steve and Estella said...

Thank you so much! She actually had both! My older brother is 23 and my younger brother with Downs is 9. They are great and quite the characters!