Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

We had a great Easter!!!  We went to church then ate lunch at the church..and then spent most of the day over at Jared’s brothers house..Here are some pictures from the day…
Here are the girls in there dresses that I made for them!!!  {that might explain why I have been absent lately from my blogSmile }  It was a lot of work but they all  loved them and it was worth it but next year Ill start earlier!!  We wont say what time I was up until the night before Easter sewing buttons on all of the dresses!!!Winking smile
DSC_1721 copyDSC_1692
Jianna, Jayla
Jayla, Jianna
This only happens once a year and it is like pulling teeth just to get it..and the worst person of them all is Jared!!!!
DSC_1767 copy
DSC_1767 copy2
Eating and relaxing on our beautiful day we had!!{it was in the 80’s}  Im not complaining at all..that’s why I live where I do!!!
All the cousins eating some supper…
and they are off to find some eggs….
Yeap they found out what was in them too soon and stopped to eat some candy:)
All the kids eating there candy

The last picture is from Brielle…she drew it and wrote it all by herself and taped some purple flowers to it...{I didn’t tell her what to put} It says in case you cant read it…fome: Jeuess…..Jesus didy on the cros to forgive arur sis. That is what Esta is all a abut. 


Michelle said...

Aw, what a cute family! The dresses all turned out great! Wish it would have been 80 here but it was rainy and 55! Looks like a nice family day!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness...the dresses are just beautiful and so is your family! I enjoyed all the pictures :)