Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Twins-15 months

Its hard to believe that my babies are already fifteen months…They are at such a fun age..I'm lovin it..We finally got our kitchen child proof…it really needed to get babies had way to much fun in the drawers.. and since there was two of them they got emptied pretty fast..and are really starting to interact and play with each other..there is def a difference in them…Jianna is the more outspoken/outgoing one..daddy’s girl..and Jayla is the quiet/laidback one..mommy’s girl..They are still pretty close in weight..Jayla is 23.8lbs, and 32.25” and Jianna is 23.4lbs. and 32.5”…
They are talking like crazy….some words are tnk u..for thank you…ba-ba..for there ba-bas that they only get at bedtime..mama..dada..binky binky..for there blankets that they are sooo attached too..nigh nigh..for night night..up..for cup,..nummy nummy.. to eat.....that’s just some of the common ones..trying to copy everything...Jianna walks around telling Jayla no,no,no… both walking like crazy..feeding themselves. .and causing PLENTY of mischief…as I'm typing this I found them in the bathroom..with Avery brushing there hair..and the babies  hair is wet and the toilet seat up…so you can only imagine where the water came from but Im not going to think about that:-) Jianna starting signing more too..she picked up on that one..
Here is a picture of them playing peek a boo through one of our glass doors.;.;they were just laughing was so cute!!!

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Michelle said...

They are sooo cute!! I need to scheudle a a year or two! :)