Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Summer!!!

I cant believe it  summer is actually homework…no school line…lots of swimming…going to the lake…picnics..and just enjoying the girls!!!!
It has been really HOT here…its been kind of like our August…so we have been swimming a lot…everyone except Jayla…she is not fond of the pool at all…she would rather sit and watch!!!
but Jianna loves it..she wants to dive right in without a care in the world!!! We cant keep her away from the pool..good thing we have a locked gate going to our deck…
Avery loves it too!!! 
Grandma swimming with the girls!!! {Grandma went back home to SD on was so nice to have my mom here the last two weeks..we got sooooooo much accomplished while she was here!!!! Its kind of hard to get things done when u have two one years running around…}
Im hoping to get our pictures from Cancun up either today or tomorrow with a couple more posts on whats been going on!!Smile

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Michelle said...

I am so jealous! our weather has been so crappy and rainy. So looking forward to Summer too!