Friday, November 18, 2011

Avery’s appointment with the Neurosurgeon

Great news to report….We finally went to see the neurosurgeon for Avery’s neck for AAI. He told me that her gap is around 4mm and that is in the normal range so it turns out she is pretty much in the clear and she don’t have AAI. He said he would clear her to jump on trampoline, tumbling, pretty much anything. He did say we could do the x-rays for a couple of years if we wanted to, to watch to see if the gap grew bigger or changed or anything..but we will see I guess..It just shows that u need to see the right specialist bc her regular dr had told me that it was abnormal and so on…and he apparently had no idea what to look for.
Now for her back…remember I was telling u there was a bump on her lower part of her back next to her spine..well the neurosurgeon is referring us to an pediatric orthopedic dr now. When we first started talking about her back he said that her top part of her back has a slight curve but it was nothing to be worried about or concerned..just kind of watch it and if it got bad then we would need to go to the orthopedic..well then I asked him to look at her lower back and he pretty much just told me that we would need to get hooked up with orthopedic. But he thought it was bc her spine curved..I said are u sure that is all it is and he thought it was but I'm not sure I believe him or we will see..
We are also going to go to see the orthopedic for her hips.I asked the neurosurgeon about it and he said that we needed to see an orthopedic for it. Avery has a loud clunk in her hips. She is CONSTANTLY putting her hip out and in and it is actually called Hip Subluxation. We could be just sitting in the rocking chair reading a book and she will pop her hip in and out over and over. The therapists wont even do joint compression on her hips anymore bc of it. Actually they are the ones that told me that I should get it looked at. I kind of just got used to it..but every time she does it it still makes me cringe and I tell her to stop. I guess every time she does that she is wearing the bone done and making everything looser. So it just gets easier and easier as time goes on I guess..The only time her hip is probably in is when she is walking. So I'm really curious to see what he has to say about it.

Avery with pumpkin. He was in the waiting room while we were waiting. He entertained Avery during our long wait. He is a therapy dog. There was a girl there that is in the middle of cancer and that dog aka pumpkin goes everywhere with her. He has his own hospital badge with his picture on it. Last week he spent the week in the hospital on the cancer floor with her. Everyone just loves him. Even when the dr came in to see Avery he asked her did u get a chance to see pumpkin?? lol!!  HE is highly trained, bc he liked to show off on what he could do. The girls dad let Avery feed him a treat and then a little bit later Avery signed more and held her hand out…She wanted to keep feeding him some treats..and pumpkin sure didn’t mind!! HA!  But I couldn’t help notice the binder sitting on her moms lap. It had said on the cover Julia’s medical history and that binder was FULL of paperwork. That girl has gone through more then I can imagine in her short time here on earth and she probably has a long road ahead of her. We see a lot of drs. and it seems like we have a lot of medical problems but let me tell you we don’t have hardly anything compared to what that girl is going through. So I will take all my doctors appointments and be quiet about it. I pray for God’s healing on that sweet girl and praying that the parents can get some rest bc u could just see there tiredness on them.

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Abby Spaulding said...

Glad to hear that Avery does not have AAI! Hope you get answers for the bump and hip! Abby