Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day Camp Out

For Memorial day we had a camp out at our house this year. It was pretty fun and relaxing..We had everything we needed at any campground..we had a lake (our pool)..we had a playground for the kids…im not ready to tent with the babies this worked out perfect..bc then they got to stay in there beds and I stayed in the house too..and Jared and the other girls slept in the tent. One night the older girls with there cousins slept on the tramp while Jared slept in the tent.
We set it up on our hill away from the house so everyone would stay outside and not be tempted to go inside. We set up a fire pit..and chairs..and we did most of our cooking over the fire pit..that part was pretty nice bc then I didn’t have to do much cooking at all.
Brian and Boo just pulled there camper over here and hooked that up…
A few nights some of other family members came over for campfire..and/or they would bring over food to cook over the camp fire for supper or lunch…But mostly the weekend was spent just relaxing around the was very hot out and most everyone went home looking like a fried lobster;)
This weekend I also retired this swimsuit of Avery’s and have just went to arm bands..This swimsuit has been the best thing ever but its time to part with looks horrible..I tried to teach her to swim with out and she didn’t like it very much..but I don’t think she will be jumping in with out any thing one at least.
We had to wean the babies into the water..Jayla wanted nothing to do with it..and screamed her head off until I just put her in with Destiny and Destiny walked around with her screaming for a little  bit but then she started to like it and by the end was the last one in the pool she didn’t want to get out. Jianna had no problems getting in..she loved it..
Jianna on the left, Jayla on the right
Do you see Jianna’s freckle on her cheek? That is how some people tell them apart now..bc Jayla doesn’t have one yet..
Doesn’t this picture look so sweet like they are holding hands???:) Well actually Jianna on the right is trying to shoo Jayla away from her but Jayla likes to make her mad so she is still trying to get her..


Becky said...

Not a big camper so your way looks like I could handle it. Too cute were those pictures of your twins holding hands. My girls would love to have a pool! Looks like a great time was had by all!

Anna Theurer said...

What fun! I love the little freckle on Jianna's face. Do you see people just studying your sweet girls' faces searching for which beauty has the freckle?

Laura said...

That is my kind of camping! Looks like your weekend was a lot of fun!