Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First day of summer

We kicked our summer of with the first sleep over of many probably this summer with the girls cousins. Jared’s brothers family moved down her a couple of months ago and the girls are so happy that they have older cousins there age now to play with and that they are girls too helps:)
We roasted hotdogs for supper…that’s my kind of supper and the perfect kick off to summer if u ask me.
The girls pretty much swam the whole time..
Somebody was pretty happy to get back in the pool..she has been waiting..and since we got her cast off this was one of her first times back in..and I haven't been able to keep her out..
Jared made the girls some kettle popcorn over the fire for there snack..and it was pretty good the little bit that we got.
We are off to a good start..


Anna Theurer said...

Okay, is that your house in these pictures--your pool and fire place? If so, I am moving in! It looks like everyone was having such a wonderful time. Miss Avery looks so happy to be in the water.

Laura said...

Happy summer to your family!