Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avery’s second IEP meeting

I know a lot of you are eager to find out how Avery’s second IEP meeting went that we had on Monday of this week.  I can honestly say it went a lot better then the first one. We all agreed to Avery starting K4 in the morning next year and then after that she will go into a kindergarten class for the rest of the day with two pull out periods of resource time for 40 minutes each at her home school where her sisters will be at. I did not get an aide/shadow for next year as of right now. we are going to see how it goes..Part of me just wants one in place bc she will need one later but as of right now there is two teachers in the class and so they think she wont need one. and I am afraid that Avery would be glued to her/his side too and become dependent on them. This way she has the independence. We added a few more goals that I wanted and now we just have to figure out all the pull out periods and stuff like that.
Sadly they were completely different I think bc I had an advocate with me. I asked for the notes again at the end of the meeting and they tried to not give them to me but my advocate wasn’t having it. so I got a copy of them. Im not sure the kindergarten teacher really realizes that she was at a IEP meeting and what we set for her is what she NEEDS to learn and be taught bc she kept commenting on and showing me stuff that the kids are doing and what she EXPECTS them to know bc this time and so on..and I made one comment about how something was going to have to be accommodated and I swear I could of dropped dead by the look she gave next year might be very interesting. my advocate noticed eye rolling a few times over some things I was saying..and at the end of the meeting when I brought up an aide..everyone made themselves perfectly clear how they really felt..that basically they all feel like I am setting my daughter up for failure and I am going to make her fall between the cracks!
So fast forward a couple of days to the award day..and I ask the principal if there is going to be an all day K4 program bc I was told there was not going to be..and then her teacher told me that there was going to be..and anyways the principal told me that we wont know for sure until the beginning of July but they are going ahead like they are going to have one. So  I said well I think I would like her in K4 all day instead if there is going to be a class..and she said well we can just start it next year the way we have it and can always pull her later and put her in that class if we need too..and I said well I don’t want to start her on one routine and make her learn that one and then a couple weeks later change it up and make her learn a new one..and so then the principal says..well  I want to make sure we are challenging her too…Umm SAY WHAT???? What did you just say??? I think my mouth hit the floor..bc just a couple of weeks ago you wanted to put her in a self contained classroom and then at the beginning of this week you made it clear that I was setting her up for failure by putting her in a general education classroom and now you are worried about challenging her..I think she may be bipolar..not sure…doesn’t make sense to me…so either she is starting to see the light OR she wants to leave her where she is so they can come back and tell me Oh well we tried it and it didn’t work..bc they think she is going to fail..not still not sure about what I am going to do for next year..I might want to change it again.after this comment..I am thinking all day k5 instead but I want the summer ot think about it…
Oh all the decisions..I need a head needs a break..all of this is exhausting..just plain ole exhausting. So for now I am just going to take a break and think about it all..


Anna Theurer said...

I doubt she is bipolar, but rather just back peddling or confused. She knows she upset you and you brought an advocate this go around (smart move!) so I think she doesn't know what to do. It sounds like Avery's IEP meeting went better than the last one, but everything feels so up in th air still. Talk about stressful!

Becky said...

Thanks for the update...yes, you need a rest.

Sounds like you do have a better plan in place now...and that advocate helped make a difference.

Now...time to enjoy the summer, right? :)

Laura said...

You do need a rest! This meeting seems to have gone better but it still seems there is a lot of work to be done:(