Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of the year awards

So Im going to do a little bragging about my older two bc I can bc its my blog:)  I couldn’t be more prouder of them..they had did an excellent job this past year..
Destiny got the principals A honor roll..for getting all A’s all year (not sure where she gets her smarts from…not me) …she got an excellence in social studies which doesn’t surprise me bc she loves history..For her class award that the rest of her peers in her class voted on “She got the most fashionable.” and the art teacher gave out awards to one in each grade…and as she was describing the student that was about to get the award I am thinking to myself well that isn't Destiny..and then she called Destiny..needless to say I was pretty shocked..apparently she is a different child at schoolSmile.. She was going on and on about how they are very patient..and if something goes wrong they remain calm and try to help work out a different solution..and so on….she isn't like that at home at all…she is 10 going on 30…so you all can imagine:) But she has really worked hard all year so I am really proud of her…
Getting her classroom awards…
Destiny with her 4th grade teacher..I have to say I am happy how this year turned out..I was super nervous and so was Destiny when she heard she was getting her..but everything worked out
Destiny getting her art award from the art teacher..
Destiny getting her principals honor roll award from the principal..
Brielle also got the principals A honor roll award…and for the one in her class that the teacher gave she got the M & M award..meticulous and magnificent at finishing work and gave her m& m candy..She did it really neat also…each kid got some kind of classroom award that corresponded with a starburst..bursting personality..and so cute..and she also got Terrific Kid for the last nine she got that award in the gym also..she has worked really hard this year too and I am so proud of her..and so glad for summer break so I can have a break in dealing with our mornings..
Brielle going up to get her class room award…
Brielle with her 2nd grade teacher…she is a great teacher..and we love her..I hope the rest of my kids have her too..destiny had her last year for 3rd grade..and then Brielle had her this year..she made a comment..just a simple comment that just melted my heart..she said that she hopes she gets Avery and the twins some day..just the fact that she acknowledged that she wants to get Avery..that’s it..just a simple statement like meant more to me than anything..the other picture is of Brielle getting her principals honor roll award with the principal
Brielle getting her Terrific Kid award…
Did you all notice what the back of the wall in there gym says??? It says ‘Together we can change the world..” the theme of the school…don’t you think that the principal/ teachers should really listen to that motto and apply it to everything????  I mean that is what they are teaching there kids but in reality they cant follow through with it..just sayin’ TOGETHER WE COULD CHANGE THE WORLD..but instead of is I AM GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD>.when it comes to education for Avery at!
I also noticed that Brielle had a writing piece of her’s displayed in the front of the school..there was a wall with about 5 writing pieces from 5 different of course I had to take a picture of hers:)

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Becky said...

You have amazing and wonderful girls....congrats to both of them! I do not know why these blog posts are not coming across on my blog roll. I missed all these!!! :(