Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Destiny and Brielle picked out what they wanted to make for there teacher’s this year..I had a few ideas pinned to my board on pinterest and then I let them pick it out..and of course they picked out the same thing…but that’s ok..they both did there gift all by means more to them and to the teachers so I  just let them do it..There teachers are with them so much of the day during the year and really teach them a lot and just wanted to do something small and show our appreciation to them…
They picked teachers treats..lots of treats in the inside of the jar..and then you glue crayons around the jar..
For the top of it I probably should of added vinyl so it looked a lot better but like I said I really wanted them to do it al by themselves..the reason why they picked orange and purple for there colors is bc both of there teachers are huge Clemson fans and that is there they even thought of that..:)
This is what I made for Avery’s teachers…I just took a mason jar and bought some dollar store ABC letters..and then put them in the jar..and some some cut flowers (bright ones..I was so excited to find them at Bi-Lo:) and wrapped  a wet paper towel and tin foil around it and then put it in the jar..and tied some ribbon and a little thank you tag..and all set..They have did sooooo much for Avery this year..and I really just wanted to thank them..bc I really appreciate what they have done.they have been awesome..
The back of the jars…they thought they were cute and really liked them..

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Becky said...

Love those so cute. You are so creative and good at finding ideas. The teachers are going to love them!