Monday, May 14, 2012

Avery-almost 2 month marker in Spica Cast

Its been awhile since I have mentioned anything on how Avery was doing medically..She is doing awesome actually..but it has taken us awhile to get to that point..but we are that is good..Last Monday she started to be mobile….about a month and half after her surgery…she was done..she was sick of sitting on the couch and wanted to go play in her toy room.
So that is what she did..she got off the couch and started walking..I of course panicked  and told her she couldn’t do it..I called her dr in Boston and asked him if it was ok for her to bear weight on her leg and walk around and stuff like she was doing..and he told me that as long as she kept her cast on..that it was fine..he actually said that he expected her I then told her she can do go where ever she wanted too..and that was it…
here is a video of her first trying to walk…
So this was her first day she was mobile..she rode the bike all around..and then I went to go take a shower and found her like this..standing in front of her kitchen..just playing away..and so happy..
and this was later in the day..can you tell she had fun looking at all the books…she loves to look at books..
This is a video of her riding her bike..I wanted to capture it on video so I remembered how she did itSmile
We have been giving her a bath in the bathtub..we have been doing that since one month post surgery..and she loves it..she will stay in there until her water is freezing..she just lays down and hangs out there and plays with her Barbie's..
The last week she has gotten lots better at walking fact she thinks she can do anything..and was reminded today that she cant quite do everything..I was in another room and I heard a crash..well apparently she was standing in front of this bookcase on a little chair and must of lost her balance and fell…poor girl was heartbroken..
Here is video of her walking really good.she is cruising...this girl is CRAZY…but one strong determined little girl… (the piano playing in the beginning is destiny btw)
Avery walking pretty good with her spica cast on
She even tried to ride her big bike tonight but it didn’t all sudden you hear her yelling La-la..and points to her handlebar..and sure enough La-la knew exactly what to do…She pulled her for a ride..:)
Well the 20th of this month will be her two month marker and I cant wait..but we don’t go back to the dr until the 24th so we cant take the cast of until we go back so they can x-ray it..and make sure everything is good..and the bone is completely healed the way it is suppose to be..we did do a one month x-ray and it showed that it was healing good. So hopefully it is good!
I was so worried how she was going to do after we took the cast of and wondered if she would have to relearn to walk and everything..but really I think this girl is strong and she surprises me every time! It might still be a little weak with the cast off though so she might not walk for awhile but I don’t think it is going to be for very long. We will just have to wait and see if she will need PT after wards or not..but I'm thinking she will for awhile..just to build strength back up in her hip..
Recap of the last two months with the cast on..well it has been hard. The days dragged by..and one weeks seemed like a month..well almost but you get the picture..I never left during the day unless it was to a dr appointment..bc it was back is shot..since she is walking now I let her walk save my back..we only had one incident where it was MAJOR..she had diarrhea and it went everywhere in the back of the cast..It was soooo gross!!!  It was so hard to clean it up too..but we got it cleaned up..after many hours of scrubbing..and the next day she woke up with a I think the baking soda was to hard on her skin..I had sprinkled baking soda in the cast while I was scrubbing to absorb the now you should smell smells like roses;) but the next day the inside of her cast was all starchy and so I spent at least three hours blow drying the cast dry with cold/hot air.It made me sooooo very thankful that her cast is was very interesting..very.very...take my word for it..but we survived.actually we have survived through all of I looking forward to doing the other side any time soon NO…NO..NO..NO..but in 6 months we will repeat it bc WE HAVE TO!!!  So many people ask me if I am going to do the other side..I really don’t have a choice in the matter..WE DO HAVE TO! and to be smart and save us money in the long run we need to get it done before the end of the year..This surgery has made us met our out of pocket wise.So to save us money  if we do the other one before the end of the year..then we shouldn’t have to pay anything else..bc the first one we are thinking is going to be around $8,000 just for medical part but we still don’t know bc we only get estimates of what we are going to have to pay and not the bills yet.but I know they are coming...We have already spent $1,000 almost when we were up there for the surgery..just in eating and taxi cab fares and our lodging...and around $500 for the first time that just Avery and I went up there in airline and hotel..and’s a good thing we shouldn’t have to go back up to Boston until the other surgery..that is the plan just go back up there to do the other surgery..and at that time they will take the screws out of the side we just did..and then we will have to go back up there one more time 6 months to one year later for them to take the screws out of the other side..and then we are hopefully good and don’t have to go back up there and her dr her can just follow her..but we will just wait and see..
We belong to an amazing body of Christ..and we have received so much love and support from them..I am just humbled by everyone’s generosity. To EVERYONE that has prayed, brought us a meal, donated to Avery’s fund, just showed love to us all..we can not thank you enough…All of your prayers are what brought us through this tough storm in our life. But God is so good and he has PROVIDED everything when we have needed it..and he has shown me over and over again that he is in control and is taking care of Avery. May God bless each and everyone of you. To God be the Glory!
Avery would also like to Thank you!!!!


Becky said...

I loved all the videos...she is one determined and amazing little girl! God is so good, and I will continue to pray as she heals and you all prepare for the next surgery. You are an incredible mom, and your strength is so admirable. You and Avery are an inspiration to me.

Anna Theurer said...

Thank you for the update. I have been wondering how you and Miss Avery have been handling the cast. She is such a trooper! I about died as I read where you discussed cleaning her cast due to the diarrhea incident. Yikes! (and gross). Hang in there mama. As you go into this 6 months from now for the other side, just think of how prepared you will be this go around. Keep us posted!

Ronda said...

:) This made me smile. Have I told you before how blessed that girl is to have you guys for parents??! Wow! She goes so FAST!! Lol! Stubborn little kid! I just hate that you have to do it all over again. :( Glad it worked though!!

CastCooler said...

What a sweetie. We'd love to have you try the CastCooler. May we send you one?