Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!

Did you all have a wonderful day??? I sure hope so!!
I woke up to breakfast in bed…eggs, toast, oatmeal, and juice..compliments of Destiny..she made it herself..and I walked downstairs fully expecting my kitchen to be a mess and it was spotless:) so that was really nice..
My gifts from the girls…
They had there dad take them to the store to get a bottle of hand sanitizer and a bottle of hand lotion..and then they made the labels for them..Brielle did the Happy Mothers Day one..and Destiny did the Mom one..she made it look like a definition from a dictionary. The paper they made themselves too..they used bubbles and died them red and then put it all over the paper..They are pretty creative!! Here is a close up of the paper.. and then Brielle wrote me a letter too…Jared also planted me some blueberry bushes for mothers day I hope I get some blueberries off of them this season:)
We went to church and then stopped by the grocery store so Jared and the girls could pick up something to make for lunch…They did such a great job..Brielle set the table all nicely..paying lots of attention to details..For my coasters..I have picture coasters..and you can put a picture in them..and I have a picture of each of my girls in each one..anyways she used them and put them in the correct Avery’s coaster was in Avery’s spot and so on…she even put out a bowl of ice..even though the soda was already set the table all nicely with the silverware’s a special occasion don’t ya know??!!Winking smile
But finally we got grilled steak and potatoes..and all I had to do was sit down and eat..Awww…that was so nice..I didn’t have to dish any kid up..cut any meat up…get up a trillion times and get something..I actually got to eat my food..HOT…it was really good HOT..I might have to try that more often..hehehe!
After dinner we had a nice relaxing day at home..we were going to go to Strawberry Hill (to get some good strawberries) but the babies were too cranky so we stayed home and put them down for a nap..and just relaxed..
I have always tried to take my picture with each of my girls on there own for awhile now..not necessarily on Mothers Day but at least once a year..bc someday they will really treasure that..and we are never promised what if the unthinkable happened and I was gone…I want them to have a picture of just me and them..with no one else so they can treasure that for ever..and  even though I am not gone..they still treasure it..bc they ask if they can get copies of that picture of just me and I knew it had been awhile so I snapped a few pictures of each kid with me..
Me and Brielle(8)
I surprised her with a kiss too!!!:)
Whats up with wiping it off Brielle?? hehe!
Me and Destiny (10)
This picture makes me sad…look how big she looks on my lap..someday she will not want to sit on my will be uncool..but right now..I'm going to just savor the moment that she did want to..
BUT she didn’t want a kissSad smile
and of course she seen her the exact same she has to do it too..little stinker!!
What happens when you leave your camera unattended while you go inside to get the twins..W—E—L—L you can see for yourself..ha!
Can you guess which one is which????  Just in case you cant..;) Jianna is on the left, and Jayla is on the right..
Me and Jianna (2.5)
Me and Jayla(2.5)
I am truly blessed!! God has blessed me with five wonderful girls..
I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day..It sure is nice to have a break and just be pampered all day..I enjoyed it..Here is a picture with my grandma and my mom that we took when I went home in December..Happy Mothers Day Mom and Grandma!!  love you both!
Happy Mothers Day to all my mommy friends and family!


Becky said...

What an awesome surprise! You do have five very beautiful girls! I love the pictures....happy mothers day to you.

CastCooler said...

What a sweetie. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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Ronda said...

I love that idea!! I really don't have any pictures of me with my girls 'cause I'm always the one behind the camera! I think I'm gonna start doing this tho'!!

Laura said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day Kristi! It looks like you had a wonderful day!