Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brielle’s Ice Skating Party





I had a little help with making the cake…


For party favors we (Brielle and I ) made some scarfs from some fleece that I already had…and I picked up some gloves at Wal-mart..


We also served hot chocolate with the cake too…found some peppermint marshmallows but some how I was the only one that liked them..and gingerbread one too but everyone just went for the plain ole white…


And then we went ice skating…there is nothing like ice skating in 60-65 degree weather…Soo nice!!! You will notice in the pictures that some may even be wearing shorts..and short sleeve shirts..crazy…It only happens for a month down south where you can go skating outside so we always have to do it at least once…ya know to make it feel like homeWinking smile Brielle just got lucky that it happen to be the month that it was her birthday so she knew instantly that is what she wanted to do…It just worked in Brielle’s favor that her grandpa got to go ice skating with her too!!!




Jenny said...

What a fun party! The cake looked great too :)

Becky said...

What a fun party....loved the cake! :)