Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brielle’s 9th Birthday

Brielle had her golden birthday this year..



Brielle is very much into American Girl dolls…and loves to do there hair..I found that cute hair chair at walmart..much cheaper then the american girl website..for the rest of her bday present she got money and she used everyone elses money that she got from her bday and bought a kindle fire. Best thing about it is that they can check library books out right from our house..soo good for my girls bc they are readers…we get books from the library and they are read in less then a week and are begging me to go back to the library…well know they can just go on there kindle and check any other one out that they want to and read it from win situationSmile 

For her supper she picked potato soup and cheezy bread…




This will probably be one of those bdays that she never forgets….her bday fell on a Sunday and we were going to have a big ole taco lunch with all of the family…but then on way to church got a text from SIL that they were coming bc they found lice…and so then after church was telling my other SIL that after church and turned out they had them too..and so then I checked my kids and found one a live one on off to the store we went.and on the way to the store Brielle is in the back just sobbing..I felt so bad for her…what a way to spend your bday..we tried to make up for it and let her pick where we could get take out to take home since we couldn’t go into any restaurant. She picked Mexican….and so we went home and had to clean like crazy and treat everyone..Couldn’t find anything else on anyone but wasn’t taking any chances..I am pretty sure that one jumped ship during church bc I did not find any other sign of anything..can I just tell you that I hate hate hate hate hate lice with a passion…..Is your head itching now??? LOL!!! Anyways want to know a helpful tip that will prevent you and your family from getting lice..Go to Sally Beauty supply store and get some Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and use it for all of winter!!!!!!! not just for a month..but all winter..I will be doing this EVERY.WINTER.FROM.NOW.ON. Just so I don’t have to go through dealing with lice again. Ugghhhh!!!!  Happy 9th Birthday Brielle..hope your day was great despite the liceWinking smile


Becky said...

Oh, my oldest is turning nine too! Yikes...lice for the birthday. It still seems it turned out to be a wonderful day anyway. Happy Birthday Brielle! :)

Laura said...

Happy birthday Brielle! Lice is the worst!

Jenny said...

Ug. Lice is the worst! My youngest daughter had it once, it was the first time I had ever dealt with it...And hopefully the last! I cringe every time I think about it!!

Happy Birthday to Brielle...Such a lovely name by the way :)