Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sorry it took so long to update on Avery’s dr appointment..

We spent all day at the oncology appointment..and honestly it is somewhere I don’t wish to return to anytime soon..I had to go to the cancer center here in Greenville for the appointment..and as we were walking back into our room we seen kids siting in chairs getting treatments..I just wanted to go over there and give them all a hug..and I kept thinking is this going to us pretty soon???? Please God no..I don’t want to be that family..I don’t want my daughter to suffer anymore..but if God decides that is a storm we must walk through we will do it and we will do it with him as our guide.. and trusting in his perfect plan.

We had to do paperwork..then we had to get blood work done..which they were awesome…but then im sure they do pediatric blood work A LOT..just guessing…and then we went upstairs..and waited for ever..the good thins is the waiting room is all set up like something you have never seen spend a lot of time there playing and waiting..and they know how to accommodate them…then we seen the nurse and then we had to see a resident..can I just say that I know they have to train but I really really hate going through the hoops..I don’t want to beat around the bush..I don’t want to have to explain everything more then once..but anyways so I explained everything to this resident dr for ever and he says well I think its scabies…what?? im sorry mister but I don’t think so..but ok whatever you say…so after he said that I got very distant and kept everything short…then the dr came in and said that ALL of her blood work came back normal..he was expecting certain things to have spiked or dropped numbers but they were all he knows no explanation for her petechiae  rash. She still has it..but is just not as dark as it was..So he said that he isnt worried right now about it and he has no explanation right now either why she has it. But since he isnt worried I shouldn’t be either..He told me the next time it gets dark again to bring her in that day…and then she will probably get more blood work done see if anything is elevated or what her numbers are…

So right now we are relieved we didn’t hear the cancer word at all..and we can ease our minds right now….Thanks be to God for the good news!!!

Other dr appt updates..

Eye dr- Patching is working..he said he seen improvement..and so have I so we will continue to patch for one hour a day.

GI dr- Everything is looking good…in fact he said we can even just go once a year..we will continue the fruit-eze or even fiber bears for her constipation and if we see any problems we can go back sooner if we need to..

Special Needs dr/nutritionist-  She is doing AWESOME!!!  and the dr is VERY impressed with where she is as far has her weight and height…its so hard to believe that at one point in her life she had such a hard time thriving and gaining would never know that by looking at her now..but yes at 10 months the girl only weighed 10lbs. she was all skeletal…We have come a LONG way!!!

We go to sleep dr on Friday and then on Tuesday we go to ortho will have more updates then..I know the sleep dr wanted to perform another sleep study which I HATE but hopefully it will tell us that her sleep apnea just miraculously disappeared. 

Well that is it on Miss Avery for now…

As far as me…blood work all came back normal..waiting on the hospital to call back with date for my brain MRI.

Jared- he will be quitting his job that he has worked at for the last 11-12 years. Its going to be a new chapter for us. He will be just doing his own thing..he has been doing his full time job plus getting a business started for the last five years..and it has just gotten to be too much so he will just be working for himself nowSmile but its going to be a BIG change for us…especially health insurances…

Destiny- well ill just say this..she is 11 going on 18 I swear..if anyone has ANY advice on dealing with a ticking time bomb let me know…that’s all im going to say about that..bc I know they read this and I don’t want to say any more.Winking smile

Twins- they keep me on my toes…still not potty in progress..

Brielle- she got terrific kid..and well that’s about it on her..

I have many bday posts to catch up on..the twins turned three at the end of december..Brielle turned 9 and Destiny turned 11.

Well that just caught everyone up in a nut shell of half of what's been going on.the other stuff well I would rather keep that to myself...Sorry for the lack of posts but its been kind of rough lately…not how I wanted to start out 2013. Trying to stay positive that things are going to start looking up.


Abigail Spaulding said...

Hi! If you are going to be losing your health insurance I HIGHLY recommend 'Samaritan Ministries'. Check it out online. We've been on it for almost 2 years now as our insurance premiums were outrageous. It is a program where people share each others medical bills and it really works! We have been so blessed and impressed by them. Let me know if you have any questions.
Love and God's Peace, Abby

Laura said...

So, so relieved that Avery is okay! But I hope you will be feeling better soon too. Best wishes to you and Jared as he starts off on his own. We own our own business and we do have our own health insurance but it is pricey - $1500 a month. But it is great coverage. Thinking of you during this busy time of your life!

Jenny said...

So glad to hear Avery's tests came back ok...Hope you can figure out what is causing her rash though.
Loved this update...Had to laugh at the ticking time bomb, lol, we have one of those in our house too!! I find that PRE-teens, are scarier than actual teenagers! haha